Drag Queen Teach Gay Alphabet, Twerking

Gay transgender presents “Drag Queen Alphabet” song to educate young children

Just as Satan mimics things of God, Drag Queen Nina West introduced the Drag Alphabet song to mimic how kids are taught words. It was Drag Queen icon Ru Paul who first introduced a similar gay lingo. West presented the colorful alphabet video in 2020.

Satan no longer hides in songs and music videos.

Drag Queen teach “twerking” to small kids, parents watch and laugh

Satan wants to start children young. One of his strategies is for us to love ourselves, that anything God hates for us, we embrace. For example, a gay lifestyle should be tolerated, and sex is fun and enjoyable, that twerking is just for laughs.

As a result, most young adults today are militant atheists – they hate the mere thought that God exists because, to them, God is a kill-joy.

→ Instagram gay star, Lohanthony turns to Jesus.

If you think there is nothing wrong with “twerking,” you have been desensitized by the world Satan rules.

The Jezebel Spirit in DQHS

The spirit of Jezebel behind the movement says, Professor Michael Brown. Alarmingly, woke Christian churches have embraced same-sex marriage.

As we move towards end times, Timothy warns us that people will be lovers of themselves (2 Timothy 3). The promotion of DQHS is to force the “acceptance of a lifestyle” that God forbids. They choose to be atheists to be free from moral accountability and do what they want.

LGBTQ in the Philippines.

Christian parents must act

The success of DQSH is partly because of the influence of the ultra-liberal left politics. Satan knows his strategy and targets children. Unfortunately, many Christians are lukewarm and have taken the back seat.

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The Drag Alphabet

To influence kids, they also introduced a Transgender Alphabet that looks cute and cool but actually teaches that a gay lifestyle has absolute value.

Demonic equality and diversity.
History of Drag Queen Hour.
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