Unbelievable, Drags Teach “Gay Education” to Kids

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) in libraries, schools, invited as “models of diversity” to teach, entertain, educate kids about being a transgender person.

An LGBTQ curriculum is being forged in some public schools in the UK, Canada, and Australia. In the USA, it is known as DQSH or Drag Queen Story Hour that began in the liberal state of San Francisco, California, in 2015.

How DQSH began

Its creator, Michelle Tea, came up with the idea after attending children’s library events traditionally hosted by “straight people.” She wanted to promote a storytime that’s more inclusive and affirming to LGBTQ families (kids with same-sex parents).

DQSH held in libraries spread like wildfire, and “gay, transgender people” hold reading events at schools, bookstores, and museums.

Gay alphabet, “trans as a career,” twerking lessons taught by transvestites and transgenders

Initially, they read children’s classics, but today, it’s mostly children’s books featuring LGBTQ characters and their social issues. There’s also a “gay alphabet” and one bizarre video showing a gay transvestite teaching kids “how to twerk.”

Leftist-liberals are so tolerant that the Houston Public Library allowed a child sex offender to read “gay stories” to young children, all in the name of tolerance. The tragedy is that parents cheer and laugh as if they are doing their kids a favor.

Parents outraged after a professional Drag Queen was invited to a Middle School’s career day. The school wanted to show diversity in careers, and guests talked about their job.

Drag Queen Kitty Demure rebukes parents

Not all Drag Queens are amused. A famous California transgender person, Kitty Demure, slams parents who bring their kids to DQSH events. She rebukes them with the following facts.

1. What the hell has a drag queen done?
2. Why would you want them to influence your child?
3. Drag Queens performs for adults with a lot of filth

A “conservative trans” like Kitty Demure dissent to this perversion. At the height of her anti-DQSH rant, her account was suspended by Twitter because of her conservative tweets they labeled “harmful.” Mainstream media wants to shut her down.

Kitty Demure asks parents: Would you like a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?

Tolerance in America has reached its peak among millennial parents. It’s fighting stigma and discrimination in their eyes, but in truth, teaching young kids that a “trans lifestyle” can be fun will have ramifications.

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