Drag queen, gay teachers teach LGBTQ in schools

gay teachers
Transgender read gay stories to kindergarten. PHOTO: theway.co.uk; Drag Queen Story Hour; The Tribune

LGBTQ lessons, now a curriculum taught by drag queens and gay teachers to promote diversity

The LGBT curriculum is now a curriculum in some public schools in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The tolerance for a gay curriculum began with left-liberal politicians. If the Philippines’ SOGIE Bill is passed, only time will tell if lawmakers will transgress to other laws that affirm homosexual lifestyle and transgenderism.

Drag Queen Hour

There are “drag queens” who teach that a gay lifestyle should be embraced; being a transgender is a fun thing to be (CBN). They are so tolerant that even the Houston Public Library allowed a child sex offender to read at its ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ to young children.

→ Why “gender diversity” is anti-Christian.

Possible repercussion of SOGIE BIll in the Philippines

Laws are passed to shove “gay rights” to everyone. Americans are being forced to embrace a society where there are no gender boundaries. Ironically, liberals literary want to open physical borders that protect their country. The gaying of America has come in full circle and as a result, the rights of others are trampled. In the USA, this is the result of LGBTQ empowerment:

1. Transgender men can now compete with all-women student sports.
2. A man can use girls’ bathrooms, for as long as he says he is “gay.”
3. Children as young as 8 years old are given puberty blockers, so they can transition much earlier, from a boy to a girl and vice versa.

→ Liberal politics used to silence Christians increasing.

Uphold “progressive conservative values” in Filipino schools

Conservative right-leaning ideology is often frowned at by the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, many others have gone to an “extreme conservative value” that it is no longer valuable. What Christians should push for is a “progressive conservative” that promotes important Filipino values in the school. We must uphold the following values among students; support the National Bible Month each year, and pray for the country:

● Godliness (Maka-Diyos)
● Mutual Respect (Magalang)
● Etiquette (Delicadeza)
● Honesty (Katapatan)
● Courage (Tiyaga)
● Integrity (Palabra de honor)

WATCH VIDEO: The LGBT School Curriculum (Begin at 8:00)

A drag queen in a demonic-inspired outfit teaches LGBT stories to kids.


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