Dumb and Deaf Miracle During a Crusade

Deliverance Pastor sees dumb and deaf miracle during a crusade in the Philippines

Years ago, Pastor Richard Ing preached in a crusade at Magsingal, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. A pastor asked if he could invite audiences who’d like to share something.

Then a 19-year-old young man went to the microphone and stammered, “Pa…raise…Jesus.”

As it turned out, he was dumb and deaf since birth. When Pastor Ing spoke about the freedom we have through Christ, a miracle was also taking place. Suddenly, the young man could hear and began to talk.

Someone had brought him to the meeting in hopes that Jesus would heal the young man.

The next night of the Gospel crusade, a man about 41 years old came up to the stage. He, too, was dumb and deaf since birth. God opened his ears and loosened his tongue that enabled him to give praises to Jesus!

I believe in miracles and have had the pleasure of seeing many. I take no credit for any of this. I have no inherent power, and it is all done by the Holy Spirit. Many other miracles took place. Come to Jesus now, and you will see miracles too,” Pastor Ing said in his post.

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