Ellie Goulding is breaking the Illuminati stereotype

Moomers, Zoomers loving Ellie Goulding’s Satanic inspired music videos

Ellie Goulding’s ‘Sixteen‘ or ‘Love me as you do’ are songs that insinuate, if not encourage, sex, drinking, and lose morals. Equally disturbing is her music videos that promote a new trend, Satanism, similar to the music style of Billie Eilish.

In ‘Anything could happen‘ video, Illuminati objects such as the triangle and orb takes center stage. In ‘Burn,’ Ellie’s message seems uplifting but actually celebrates the apocalyptic EOD (end of days) with the “light” of Lucifer and the 666 symbols.

Goulding’s videos use demonic symbols like the ‘skull & bones, serpents, Horis, and an upsidedown cross. Ellie herself admitted in a Billboard interview, “I kind of get possessed by the devil when I’m performing.

I kind of get possessed by the devil when I’m performing

Demonic symbols like the Vesica Piscis, skulls & bones Ellie Goulding promotes are now considered fashion, breaking the satanic stereotype.

Gen-Z and Millenials ‘demonic brand’ of music

Satan’s strategy is to desensitize each generation and eventually make them numb to devilish stuff – and it’s working. “Boomers” would call her music videos bizarre, but with more than a billion views on Youtube, it’s a cool artistic expression for “Zoomers” and “Moomers.”

Ellie Goulding and other music celebrities like her also champion the feminist and LGBTQ “moralist cause,” among other “anti-Biblical” morals. In the end, it’s really a battle between demonic “liberal thinking” and conservative “godly values.”

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Ellie Goulding promoting the Illuminati and Satanic symbols. Demons are out in the open.
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