School removes Christian ‘prayer locker’

Kentucky school removes ‘Prayer Locker’ after an anti-religion complaint

Emily Chaney, a student at East Ridge High School in Kentucky posted a note in her locker that says “Do you have a prayer request?” She basically turned her school locker into a “Prayer Locker.” Teachers and students appreciated her efforts to express her religious freedom by helping others by accepting their prayer requests.

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Any students are welcomed to drop their prayer requests into her locker. At the end of the week, she collects them and passes it on to her church who in turn intercedes in prayer. Unfortunately, the Pike county schools superintendent Reed Adkins was against it. He warned the school that allowing a “prayer locker” is a violation of the separation of church and state” (WYMT). Similarly, teachers at Saltillo School had to remove “Bible verse” display because someone complained.

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Discrimination against personal faith

Ridiculous as it sounds, this is Christian persecution under the guise of political tolerance. Fortunately, students can still request for prayers, but they have to give it personally to Emily. The move was “blatant viewpoint discrimination to ban students from a clear opportunity to share their faith,” said Hiram Sasser of First Liberty Institute, a religious liberty law firm. “Indeed, it appears that this violates the Department of Education guidelines on prayer in public schools,” he added.

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I want to let everyone know that being the keeper of this prayer locker has been the biggest blessing to me. My church…

Posted by Emily Chaney on Tuesday, 1 October 2019
Inspiring East Ridge High School student, undeterred by setbacks in expressing her Christian faith.

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