Duplicity of Equality, Diversity, Political Tolerance


Equality, diversity, tolerance, & inclusion, an insidious plot of Satan to persecute Christians

God had equality and diversity in mind when He created us. We have diverse talents, skills, and colors. God chose the Israelite and called them His people, then included gentiles for His plan of salvation.

In heaven, His children will be equal in worth. On earth, Satan tempted Eve and weakened Adam’s authority. He wants equality of sexes, thus the rise of gender equality, a Luciferian ideology.

Satan corrupted the intended meaning of equality

  • Lucifer’s version of equality is about pride, his first sin. (Isaiah 14:12–15)
  • Equality, diversity, and tolerance for Satan meant equality with God. (Isaiah 14:12-15)
  • Demonic equality means we decide what we want because we are our own “god.” Not even God can dictate what we can or cannot do. (John 8:44)

We decide what we want because we are our own “god”

→ Demonic influence of far-left liberal politicians.

Examples of counterfeit equality, diversity, and inclusion that left-liberals push

  • Democrats want to give illegal immigrants benefits, allow illegal aliens to have a driving license, and vote for the sake of “tolerance and inclusion.”
  • A gay couple wanted a Christian baker to make a “same-sex wedding cake.” The baker respectfully refused for religious conviction. He was brought to court because of “unequal treatment.”
  • A lesbian couple sued a Christian retirement home for discrimination, citing “equal treatment.” They were rejected because same-sex cohabitation goes against the home’s policy. [NBC News]
  • Diversity” is welcomed in university if you’re liberal. Conservatives are policed and pro-life harassed. [Student for Life]
  • Iowa State University preached “tolerance” yet issued a syllabus that warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are “grounds for dismissal.” [Daily Caller]
  • A school wanted “tolerance” for American Blacks. They were graded differently to appease racial tension that claims Blacks have no privileges. [West Media]
  • Biological males, allowed to compete with biological females if these boys identify as girls for “inclusion.” [Equality Act]
  • Liberal Democrats like Kamala Harris wants to decriminalize prostitution, given that they too have “equal rights” to work without being discriminated against. [Rolling Stones]
  • In 2021, kids’ cartoon ‘Bluey’ blasted for not having ‘disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse or dogs of colors.

Equality and diversity in the Philippines.

Crux of equality and diversity

One of the cruces of equality and diversity is to empower the LGBTQ, queers, lesbian philosophy, and neo-feminists. Feminists blame the “pay gap,” patriarchy, and masculinity. They label Biblical traditions oppressing and accuse Christians as homophobic.

Satan’s pussyfooting is all over MSM, Hollywood, and intellectual atheists – you can’t trust mainstream media, says PragerU.

→ Is God calling you to be straight?

The bottom line, God designed hierarchies for good reasons

Satan’s version of equality, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance is an insidious political banner directly opposed to Christian values. An agenda that left-liberals democrats push leading to Christian persecution.

→ LGBT attacks masculinity and mocks patriarchy.

Why am I drawn to atheism?
Christian persecution and political tolerance.
Lake Ingle asked to apologize for saying there are only two genders.

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