The Duplicity of Equality,Diversity, Inclusion


Equality, diversity, & inclusion, an insidious plot of Satan to persecution Christians

Equality, diversity, inclusion was originally God’s

God had equality and diversity in mind when he created us. We have diverse talents, skills, and color. God chose the Israelite and called them His people, then included gentiles for His plan of salvation.

In heaven, His children will be equal in worth. On earth, Satan tempted Eve and weakened Adam’s authority. He wants equality of sexes, thus the rise of “gender fluidity.”

A Luciferian ideology, it’s really about pride, his first sin (Isaiah 14:12–15). Equality and diversity mean there are no hierarchies or accountability (with God); we decide what’s best for us; we are our “god.” Satan, the deceiver, corrupted its meaning. (John 8:44)

→ Demonic influence of far-left liberal politicians.

For example, counterfeit equality” empowers “trans” to bully others. For example, a lesbian couple wanted Melissa and Aaron to bake “same-sex wedding cake.”

They refused, citing religious beliefs. The couple sued them, resulting in a $135,000 damages.

Democrats want equal treatment for illegal aliens compromising the rights of legal ones.

Diversity welcomed in university, not anti-Marxist and pro-life

An Iowa State University instructor’s syllabus warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are “grounds for dismissal.”

Blacks graded differently

Students at the University of Washington demanding black students should not face difficult exams because they are “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study.” University UW Psychology Professor supported the move

Equality and diversity in the Philippines.

Crux of equality and diversity

One of the cruces of equality and diversity is to empower LGBT and feminists. They feel disadvantaged and blames the “pay gap,” patriarchy, and masculinity. They label Biblical traditions oppressing, and mainstream media joins in.

Satan’s pussyfooting is all over MSM, Hollywood, and intellectual atheists – you just can’t trust media says PragerU.

→ Is God calling you to be straight?

The bottom line: Equality is not possible

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes considers humans vainglorious. We always tend to demand respect because we’re sinners with unique but (mostly) selfish needs. “Equality and diversity” shoved at our throat is an insidious political charm.

It’s part of Satan’s hackneyed propaganda to subdue people, so we may forget who we are in Christ. A kind of humanism that can be both atheistic and Christian.

→ LGBT attacks masculinity and mocks patriarchy.

Why am I drawn to atheism?
Christian persecution increasing due to political tolerance.
Lake Ingle asked to apologize for saying there are only two genders.

Albert is an academic researcher and UX/UI content manager. He is a graduate of Asian Studies and went to the Asian Bible Seminary and Trinity College of Music. He is happily married with three lovable teenagers.


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