Duplicity of Equality and Diversity

Equality, diversity, tolerance, & inclusion, an insidious plot of Satan to persecute Christians

In recent years, American Airlines appears to have placed racist ideology over safety concerns in an effort to prioritize diversity, equality, and inclusion. In the name of equity, hiring standards were lowered, and the result has put people at risk.

This is but one example of a bigger agenda, where standards in all sectors of society are being replaced to accommodate an ideology that ultimately wants to eliminate God and persecute Christians by removing hierarchies and moral standards.

Equality and diversity gained traction in 2019 when it empowered one particular atheist minority group, Black Lives Matter. Since then, conservative and Biblical moral standards have been canceled, along with openly supporting LGBTQ causes, all in the name of equity.

At the same time, Neo-feminists frown at Biblical patriarchy and call it toxic masculinity. All these are antithetical to what the Bible preaches, hence are demonic ideologies that ultimately want to cancel Christianity.

Equality and Diversity in the Bible

It’s worth noting that God had equality and diversity in mind when He created us. We have diverse talents, skills, and colors. God chose the Israelites and called them His people, then included Gentiles in His plan of salvation.

In heaven, His children will be equal in worth, but on earth, Satan wants equality under the banner of gender equality, which is ultimately a Luciferian ideology. His first attempt was to undermine man’s authority. He tempted Eve and weakened him.

Satan aims to demolish the hierarchy

Lucifer’s version of equality is about pride, his first sin (Isaiah 14:12–15). He refused God’s authority over all things. Equality, diversity, and tolerance meant equality with God (Isaiah 14:12-15).

He knows he can never achieve this with God, so he aims his arrows at men whom God designed to be the head of the church and the nuclear family.

Today, we see the same scheme of Satan, who uses “gender ideology” to undermine the authority of men and remove the boundaries of hierarchy to produce chaos, lies, and confusion.

The rise of gay cartoon characters and gay books in schools to emasculate boys. Militant LGBTQ and Drag Queens are legally empowered to persecute Christians who refuse to bow to gender pronouns. All these are aimed at undermining patriarchy and masculinity.

Examples of counterfeit equality, diversity, and inclusion that left liberals push

Satan’s version of equality, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance is an insidious political banner directly opposed to what Christians believe. An agenda that the demonic left-liberal democrats push that leads to religious persecution.

  • Democrats want to give illegal immigrants benefits, allow illegal aliens to have a driving license, and vote for the sake of “tolerance and inclusion.”
  • A gay couple wanted a Christian baker to make a “same-sex wedding cake.” The baker respectfully refused for religious conviction. He was brought to court because of “unequal treatment.”
  • A lesbian couple sued a Christian retirement home for discrimination, citing “equal treatment.” They were rejected because same-sex cohabitation goes against the home’s policy. [NBC News]
  • Militant vegans disrupt businesses that cater to meat lovers because animals (too) have an “equal right to live.” However, God loves the aroma of meat, offered as a sacrifice. That’s how Satan mocks God.
  • Liberal Democrats like Kamala Harris want to decriminalize prostitution, given that they, too, have “equal rights” to work without being discriminated against. [Rolling Stones]
  • Biological men who identify as women can compete with biological women in sports.


God designed hierarchies for good reasons

Just hierarchies of competence

As Jordan Peterson puts it, equity is not what we need but “Just hierarchies of competence.” For example, if your father has a brain tumor, he said you would want hierarchies of competence to pick the best doctor. Not everyone can be a neurosurgeon, plumber, or lecturer—there has to be a hierarchy of quality.

Equality of Outcome is toxic

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager argues the same thing. He said that the “Equality of Outcome is toxic” because it means standards don’t matter but only results.

For example, the New York Times in 2020 advocated ending blind auditions in orchestras, saying it should consider race and gender. In other words, talent alone is not enough.

We need men to be men

According to God’s design, men are more prone to aggression, which he needs if he is to protect his family and society. It’s men who go to war and who take riskier jobs.

But men, too, have their woes as a result of how they are built. Men are disproportionately found in prisons, heavy construction, bricklaying, and machinery jobs. Most men pursue STEM fields, which leads to higher earnings than women.

In the Bible, there are standards, measures, and hierarchies. God calls us for excellence and not mediocrity.


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