What you need to know about Equality & Diversity

gender equality

Equality & diversity was originally God’s idea

God had equality and diversity in mind when he created the world. First, he created different races that gave birth to many nations. But the heart of man is deceitful. Many disobeyed God. We were destined for destruction but He loves us; that anyone who turns to His begotten son Jesus and submits their lives in His care will be saved; regardless of their sexual preference, religious tradition, sin, or race. (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10)

Lake Ingle asked to apologize for saying there are only two genders.

The enemy took equality and diversity in the opposite direction

In heaven, all His children will be EQUAL in worth but having different rewards. However, Satan mimics every good intention of God and turns it upside down in an attempt to mock Him. Lucifer hates mankind because we bear the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27).

On earth, the fallen angel Lucifer wants to make everything equal and lukewarm. Gender fluidity is an easy target because neither science or the Bible tells much how to “fix being gay.” Satan wants sex as a matter of choice, not according to God’s design.

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ADMU bathroom
Catholic school Ateneo de Davao designates ‘all-gender’ restrooms, in light of the SOGIE Bill.

Christians can be deceived by Satan’s smokescreen.

Evangelicals and Catholics buy into “counterfeit equality”

At the height of the SOGIE Bill debate in 2019, well-meaning “Marian devotee” Pia Wurtzbach openly supported the bill. Similarly, Catholic Jesuit school Ateneo De Manila, Davao designates its restrooms as “All-Gender,” all in the spirit of “equality.” Huge Christian groups PCEC & NCCP partially supported it, along with unnecessary political stance on many government issues.

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Filipino atheists, media on feminism, diversity & equality

Atheist group Freethinkers support SOGIE Bill. They are also proponents of the Metro Manila Pride March, when in 2018, Christian Pentecostal group “Freedom in Christ Ministry” apologized to the LGBT community for wrongdoings. Incidentally, Lucien Greaves of Satanic Temple USA, says “more than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ,” and the gay community is divided on the issue.

Feminism in the USA claims they suffer inequality and demand “pay gap.” As a result, patriarchy and masculinity, which are Biblical traditions, are under attack says Tony Evans, former NBA chaplain.

Satan marches with a strong army. We see his handprints on western TV, Hollywood, and intellectual atheists. He has influenced much of the press that you can no longer trust the media (PragerU).

→ LGBT attacks masculinity and mocks patriarchy.

gay satanist
LGTB Drag Queen from Florida thinks hell is fabulous. He dances in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC, during Proposition 8 hearing, 2013 (Photo: Patheos)

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Luciferian Ideology

Satan has redefined diversity and equality. It’s a Luciferian ideology whose principle is the worship of the inner self. There is no need to be accountable to God because everyone is equal, hence, “we are all gods.” Lucifer was a beautiful creation. Because of his pride, he declared equality with God (Isaiah 14:14; Ezekiel 28:11-14, 17-20). He steals God’s ideas and turns it upside down. After all, Satan is the father of all lies.

Satan’s realm: Everything that’s opposed to God’s design is permissible: Homosexual acts, fornication, love of money, idleness, or pharisaical religiosity, the list goes on. All these points to undermind the family and the role of men, thus the rise of LGBT and feminism. Just as he waged war in heaven, he is waging war on earth (Revelation 12:7-17) but he is running out of time. (Revelation 18:4, Matthew 3:12)

Ex-Satanists warns Christians

Many well-meaning Christians are not aware of the grand scheme of Lucifer. Christian deception is wide and even Pastors have fallen into it. Ex-Satanist and Warlock John Ramirez warns how crafty and organized the devils are. The spirit of Jezebel has infiltrated TV, media, politicians, Hollywood, and schools. This world has the mind of Satan (1 John 5:19), but we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). Pray for the second coming of Jesus hasten.

Rapture vision from a young girl in the Philippines.

Christian persecution increasing because of political tolerance.



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