Should You Take ‘Out of Shadows 2020’ Seriously?

Is Out of Shadow 2020 documentary a “dangerous misinformation” YouTube, Google, Facebook flagged misleading?

Out of Shadows 2020 is a 78-minutes documentary that lifts the veil of mainstream media. It alleges how TV networks, Hollywood, and liberal politicians form part of a sinister web. Patriots made the lengthy docufilm but some parts boring. However, what they revealed is shocking—but is it fake news?

Taken down as another misleading content by religious conservatives

Social media platforms removed “Out of Shadow Documentary.” Reviews “criticizing the docu ranks higher” pushed it back, and is now difficult to search in Google. Reviews charged ‘Out of Shadow’ spreading lies, fear, and fake news.

  • Facebook removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • Twitter removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • YouTube removed the Out of Shadow account.
  • Their video was repeatedly removed from YouTube.
  • It’s been downgraded by Google not to rank.
  • You cannot post URL on Facebook.

Conspiracy theory exposing mainstream media manipulation by academes and conservatives Christians

Other conservative outlets have published documentaries exposing media bias. But are they telling the truth or are they part of extreme “right-wing propaganda” as well?

For example, PragerU videos and psychology professor Jordan Peterson have been tagged as dangerous or misleading. Even though their reasoning is layered with statistics and facts.

Similarly echoed by academes like Black Professor Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Carol Swain, they disavow systemic racism and suggests it is merely propaganda. Likewise, Dr. Simon Gold and the rest of her team criticized telling people we shouldn’t fear COVID-19.

Although Smith’s Out of Shadows 2020 documentary is broad, other movies like HOAXED, produced by Mike Cernovich and VAXXED by Del Bigtree, exposes how deep the rabbit hole is. However, knowing which is fact vs. fiction is something viewers will have to judge.

Out of Shadows was directed and produced by Mike Smith. You can watch the video through

→ The demonic influence of ultra-liberal ideology.

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