Should Christians support SOGIE Bill?

What is SOGIE Bill?

The SOGIE Bill is an Anti-Discrimination Bill filed in 2000 by Senator Santiago. Although it has good intentions to protect the LGBTQ, it also infringes on the rights of others. In the USA, SOGI is pushed by leftist liberals.

In 2015, Jesus Falcis petitioned the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage. Likewise, transgender Congresswoman Geraldine Roman also seek gender equality, and the Bill approved. On December 10, 2019, the SC junked the petition of Falcis et al. with finality.

Transgender & Gay Rights in the Philippines

LGBT personalities not in favor of SOGIE

  • Gay icon Ricky Reyes pointed out that the bathroom inclusion (like what SM and Ateneo did) discriminate against other marginalized groups.
  • Ex-transgender Gavino “Vins” Santiago Jr. argues that the bill is unfair. “SOGIE protects LGBT alone. It’s not equal to other sexes,” he said.

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Christians must reject the deceptive and redundant SOGIE Bill, there should be NO compromise

Some evangelical groups supported certain provisions on the bill, but it drew flak from conservative Christians. If the SOGIE Bill is passed, it will signal the end of conservative Filipino values, in favor of liberal western influence.

Filipino lawmakers can learn from the mistakes of the west. First, they became tolerant in 1973, when abortion was legalized. Satan began his slow march.

When the Supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, hell broke loose in America. Satan no longer hides, Satanists openly pray, and demons prancing in America. It all began with a deceptive and cunning law rooted in “equality.”

What can happen if the SOGIE Bill is passed

  • The bill will empower those struggling with homosexuality to live a life, that unfortunately, is filled with wrong moral choices.
  • Despite the strong support for transgender people in the USA, a study reveals an alarming increase in suicide among transgender teens.
  • HIV infections will likely spike because the bill encourages the “gay lifestyle.” Currently, there are at least 38 HIV infections recorded per day.
  • It may encourage Christian persecution by far-left liberals. In the USA, transgender people have attacked Christians who refuse to accommodate them.
  • In the USA, Satan is using mainstream Media (MSM) to promote homosexuality. Google, YouTube, and Twitter reportedly manipulate algorithms to demote conservative views. But they help push far-left liberal stand on gay and abortion rights.

What Christians can do

  1. Reach out to someone struggling with their sexuality and share the Gospel.
  2. Instead of telling what the government should do, pray for the lawmakers.
  3. Organize a signature campaign and write to your representative.

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  1. I want to say something and I know this will be met with some hatred from some.

    I was raised in church I was saved at age 9. But I have know since I was young that I was attracted to both guys and girls. I stayed closeted until just a few months ago when I met a guy that meant everything to me. I spent the greatest part of my life closeted because I was afraid to be who I truly am. Since I came out I have had a ton of stress lifted off my shoulders. He and I are planning on being married and he is Filipino.

    Everyone needs to stop with the judging of others. AS A CHRISTIAN YOU NEED TO GO BY THE WHOLE BIBLE AND NOT JAIT WHAT YOU WANT TO QUOTE. REMEMBER THE BERSE RHAT SAYS JUSGE NOT LEAST YE BE JUDGED. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. So unless you are perfect and trust me you are not, don’t judge leave it yo God. Everyone has the right to be happy not just the ones who classify themselves as straight/heterosexual.

    Homosexuals deserve the right to be happy and have a family life as well. I was rejected by my family when I came out and that is their choice. I am the same person that I was when they believed that I was heterosexual. I didn’t change their view of me did.

    So that all being said please allow the same sex marriages go with out any backlash. But not doing it hurts many people in ways that you don’t understand.

    • I’m so sorry that you have been rejected by your family, they should have never done that. I’m also sorry that you have been led to believe that our happiness comes first before obedience to God. marriage have been designed for a man and a woman and between those two sexes alone. the Bible does call us to judge, and to judge righteously, though not to condemn. we cannot cherry-pick the Bible and choose the verses that are convenient for us to use. I’m not singling-out homosexuals, because it’s just as much as a sin as adultery, lying, stealing, and murdering is. however, it is our job as believers of Christ to correct and rebuke those who are going against Christ’s Word who claim to be followers of Him. I pray you don’t take this wrongly but instead repent and have a real and meaningful conversation with Jesus about this. God bless :))



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