Should Christians support SOGIE Bill?


What is SOGIE Bill

The SOGIE Bill is an Anti-Discrimination Bill filed in 2000 by Senator Santiago. It has been revisited several times. Although it has good intentions to protect homosexuals and transgenders from discrimination, it also infringes on the rights of others. In the USA, the law is known as SOGI.

Transgender and Gay Rights in the Philippines:
Falcis, Roman, Hontiveros, Google, and Facebook

In 2015, Jesus Falcis, an openly gay lawyer petitioned the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage. In the same way, “transgender” Congresswoman Geraldine Roman wants to push for Marriage Equality and SOGIE Bill. Together with Senator Hontiveros, they openly support the proposal However, the majority of Senators like Manny Pacquiao opposed it. On December 10, 2019, the SC junked the petition of Falcis et al with finality.

In the US, Big Brother Tech Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook seems to be opposed to conservative (biblical) values. They try to manipulate algorithms to fight it. Likewise, media moguls like CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times have become too pro-liberal.

LGBT not in favor of SOGIE Bill

Ironically, not everyone from the LGBT believes SOGIE will work. Gay icon, Ricky Reyes pointed out that the bathroom inclusion in the bill discriminates against others. Ex-transgender Gavino “Vins” Santiago Jr. argues that the bill is unfair. “SOGIE protects LGBT alone, it’s not equal to other sexes,” he said. Instead, Vins suggested giving identification cards for transgenders so they would be allowed to use restrooms reserved for persons with disabilities (PWD).

LGBTQ Rights in the US: Fairness for All Act 

US Democrats continue to push for strong laws again discrimination. It sounds noble but as the plot thickens, it’s all about LGBTQ rights. The radical bill will enshrine radical gender ideology in federal law and decimate the religious freedom of institutions and individuals alike (Daily Signal).

Demonic Ideology seeking to destroy Christians: When the US Government legalized the homosexual lifestyle by legalizing “same-sex” marriage, it opened the door for a demonic invasion. They are now experiencing a moral decay of dealing with transgender kids, gay-sex education in schools, drag queen story hour for young kids, people advocating for the decriminalization of HIV transmission, grown men legally allowed to use a woman’s bathroom, transgenders suing Christians, and recently, gay activist threatening to sue a gynecologist for refusing to see him.

Transgender Beauty Queen: Testimony of Mark Estephen.

Why the SOGIE Bill is not the answer

The “third sex” have truly been mistreated over the centuries. This bill will encourage them to live out a life that unfortunately is filled with wrong moral choices. For example, despite the strong support for transgenders in the USA, a study reveals an alarming increase in suicide among transgender teens. HIV infections will spike because the “gay lifestyle” will be an acceptable norm through this bill. The current rate of 38 HIV infections per day will increase even more.

Bible vs. Atheistic Worldview

What the LGBTQ community needs is not a bill that will plunge them deeper into this lifestyle, but the “transforming love of Christ.” Ironically, the SOGI bill in the US that protects LGBT has resulted in heavy Christian persecution and divisiveness. The issue stems from Biblical values vs. an atheistic worldview. Incidentally, more than 50 percent of the Satanic Temple members come from the LGBTQ community. (Attitude)

Impinge and infringe on the rights of others

Initially, US lawmakers said that this type of regulation “won’t infringe” on the rights of others, but the opposite is happening. Today, the mere mention of “Jesus” or the “Bible” is seen as a form of oppression against the LGBT community.

Consider a few of the following consequences of gender fluidity:

  1. Male transgender is allowed to compete in all-women sports.
  2. The bathroom bill encourages sex predators from abusing girls.
  3. Christians who refuse services to an LGBT can be sued and jailed.
  4. In Sweden, teachers avoid using “him” and “her” when talking to the children. Books in public schools are selected to avoid traditional presentations of gender and parenting roles.
  5. Businesses like Chick-fil-A has been banned in some places because they support traditional marriage between biological male and female.
  6. Children as young as 8 years old are encouraged to take “puberty blockers,” if they have gender confusion, without any scientific testing.
  7. Ontario, Canada may seize children from parents who refuse to accept their child’s chosen gender identity. (Bill 89)
  8. Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) teaches primary kids to read, using gay storybooks.

Gay identity: Is God calling you to be straight?

What Christians should do to stop SOGIE

In 2018, a group of Christians rallied at the Senate against the bill. They ranted “abomination.” This is plain wrong because non-Christians see this as unloving and condemning. Christ showed the opposite. He did NOT condemn but pointed them to salvation (John 8:11). Although SOGIE won’t make it in congress because most lawmakers still hold the Bible as a moral authority, Satan won’t take this sitting down.

What Christians must do:

  1. It is the lawmakers who create these laws, pray for them.
  2. Ask God for a heart that seeks to love, not to condemn.
  3. Reach out to someone who is struggling with their sexuality.
  4. Stop criticizing the government, pray for the leaders instead.
  5. Share the transforming love of Christ one person at a time. Use every opportunity to share the Gospel in your social media. It’s the mandate of every believer.

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