Should Christians support SOGIE Bill?


What is SOGIE Bill?

The SOGIE Bill is an Anti-Discrimination Bill filed in 2000 by Senator Santiago. Lawmakers revisited it several times. Although it has good intentions to protect the LGBTQ, it also infringes on the rights of others. In the USA, the bill is called SOGI.

Transgender & Gay Rights in the Philippines

LGBT not in favor of SOGIE

Not all LGBT believes SOGIE will work. Gay icon, Ricky Reyes pointed out that the bathroom inclusion (like what SM and Ateneo did) discriminate against (other) marginalized groups. Ex-transgender Gavino “Vins” Santiago Jr. argues that the bill is unfair. “SOGIE protects LGBT alone. It’s not equal to other sexes,” he said.

Partial support of Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)

PCEC supported specific provisions with stipulations. “PCEC is respectful of same-sex relationships,” the document stated. Their well-meaning and polished recommendation drew flak on their Facebook wall. One comment said, “PCEC has lost its credibility.”

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Why the SOGIE Bill is not the answer

LGBTQ discrimination is wrong. However, this bill will encourage them to live out a life that, unfortunately, is filled with wrong moral choices. For example, despite the strong support for transgender people in the USA, a study reveals an alarming increase in suicide among transgender teens.

HIV infections will spike because “gay life” will be an acceptable norm. There are 38 HIV infections per day; SOGIE will plunge them deeper into a homosexual lifestyle. Also, it may result in heavy Christian persecution by the ultra-liberal groups. Incidentally, more than 50% of the Satanic Temple members are LGBTQ. [Attitude]

Consider a few of the following consequences of gender fluidity:

  1. Male transgender is allowed to compete in all-women sports.
  2. The bathroom bill encourages sex predators from abusing girls.
  3. Christians who refuse services to an LGBT can be sued and jailed.
  4. In Sweden, teachers avoid traditional presentations of gender and parenting roles.
  5. Businesses like Chick-fil-A was banned because they support traditional marriage.
  6. Children as young as 8 years old are pushed to take “puberty blockers.”
  7. Ontario, Canada may seize children from parents who refuse to accept their child’s chosen gender identity. (Bill 89)
  8. Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) teaches primary kids to learn gay educational books.

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What Christians can do

  1. Reach out to someone struggling with their sexuality and share the Gospel.
  2. Instead of telling what the government should do, pray for the lawmakers.
  3. Organize a signature campaign and write to your representative.
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