Tim Tebow Testimony

Tim Tebow Testimony: What Filipinos can learn from a football icon who has the heart of a Pinoy!

Tim Tebow’s dad was overwhelmed by the dramatic increase in abortions. He prayed for a son he could raise to proclaim God’s message. God answered their prayer when they lived as missionaries in the Philippines.

However, due to complications, Doctors recommended abortion. Thankfully, it was illegal in the Philippines. Her parents fought to save him. Timmy was born a healthy boy in Makati, Philippines, in 1987.

Today, he is an American sports celebrity icon whose new adventure is to help children worldwide. Recently, Timmy married Ms. Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.


1. He is a brave witness for Christ

On January 8, 2009, Tim wore John 3:16 as his “eye black.” As a result, 94 million people Googled John 3:16. It was a simple yet powerful way to witness Jesus. It was perhaps his unintentional “coming out” as a “Christian warrior” in an anti-Christian environment.

Since then, Tebow has authored several books and spoken to thousands of youths to share his struggles and who Jesus is.

Why did Tim Tebow kneel?

“Tebowing” is a form of genuflecting that Tebow made famous after kneeling and praying several times in his games. He did it first in 2011 after their victory over the Dolphins. A fan posted it, and many mimicked what he did, hence “Tebowing.”

In 2018, feminist and Black Lives Matters activist Tamika Mallory claimed Tim took a knee to protest abortion during a national anthem in 2012 – it had “zero truth,” Tim said. Many assume that Tebowing is similar to BLM activist Kaepernick’s kneeling stunt – it is not.

Tebow isn’t happy that people misinterpret his kneeling as a formal protest; it’s about praying and giving thanks to God. Besides, he’s never knelt during a national anthem in any sporting event.


Tim Tebow’s interview with Harry Connick Jr., sharing his “eye black sticker” John 3:16 story.

2. His special love for the Filipinos

Three years after Timmy was born, the family moved back to the USA but would return for short mission trips.

On one of his trips, Tim met a young boy with a disability. That experience changed his outlook on life and career. As he became famous, his thoughts of helping sick children remained a burden in his heart.

In 2009, he returned to the Philippines to build the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao through the Tim Tebow Foundation. Since then, he has helped countless Filipino children heal and find faith and hope in Christ.

Heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God, Luke 9:2

3. Tim Tebow is disciplined

His parents, Robert and Pamela, knew homeschooling was worth it. As a result, Tim learned more and memorized scriptures that helped mold his faith. Ultimately, his parents were his best example.

Growing up in sports, he made it to the top with discipline. His herculean muscles don’t grow overnight. As much as we train ourselves to be healthy, we must teach our minds and heart in God’s words – he’s doing it all. As a result, the LORD blessed him indeed!

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