Do you hate the government?

talangka mentality

Victimhood Mentality: Your enemy is within

Life continues to be difficult for many. Government dissatisfaction endures regardless of who sits in Malacañang. Meantime, ‘leftists communist groups’ recruit young minds as if its the solution. If you hate the government, the solution begins in mentality.

Instead of blaming the past, the red and yellow, the rich or the poor, assume responsibility and get rid of useless Filipino ideologies that enslave us.

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1. “Puro sat-sat, kulang sa gawa

It’s easy to blame others but not be part of the solution. Just look at the hundreds of memes and posts that criticize nearly everything, good or bad. Instead of incessant criticism, consider how our capitalist Asian neighbors rose from ashes. They focused on skills, education, and hard work.

HARD WORK: Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore had far worse condition during the 1960s. They had dictators too. Even China has corruption, but they managed to pull their economy through hard work. It’s easy to blame Marcos in the 70s, the Aquinos after, or


at present. Truth is, few love the country.

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2. “Talangka mentality”

The “talangka” mentality remains in our culture. Filipinos can be so vindictive we judge leaders based on their mistakes, even if they’ve accomplished something good. Constantly pulling leaders down is killing your own country, don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

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3. “Nagmamagaling”

More students are turning to an ultra-left ideology rooted in atheism. With little knowledge, they think they know better. We must learn from past mistakes but we must fix our eyes on the future collectively. Our leaders may fail us, but God placed them for a reason. (Daniel 2:21)

Satan wouldn’t want a government God instituted to be victorious. If our leaders fail, our society falters. If you believe God is in control, pray for your leaders.

If you believe God is in control, pray for your leaders

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When a millennial plays the victim: One of Satan’s strategy is “victimhood,” he wants you to “hate.” He wants you to believe that the victim is you and he uses “collectivism” and “Marxist ideology to influence the mind.

If you are a student, your first job is to obey your parents and study well. Doing so is being a responsible family member, and ultimately a good Filipino citizen. “Makinig sa magulang at nakatatanda..”

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Agnostic Ayn Rand is wrong about the existence of God, but she is right about victimhood.

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