Filipino’s Confidence in Trump, Highest in the World


Filipinos & Israelis trust Trump more than US, Canada, Australia, and Europe

Latest Pew Research on Trump shows his trust rating ebbing among liberals. It’s a vote of NO confidence in Europe, Canada, and Latin countries with -67% median. In contrast, Filipinos’ confidence in Trump is the highest in the world at +77% followed by Israel at +71%.

Trump and Duterte

Interestingly, despite heavy criticism, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys a high 78% trust rating among Pinoys. Like Trump, both have strong voter turnout. Notwithstanding their colorful personalities and lack of moral ascendancy, critics claim.

Both leaders are also polarizing. Donald Trump finds no favor from other Christians in the US. Christianity Today, founded by Bill Graham who voted for the US President, wrote a scathing article on Trump. Similarly, Filipino Christians are divided on Duterte as well.

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What it says about Pinoys

There are two politics in the US, the Conservatives (Right-wing Republicans) and Liberals (Left-wing Democrats). If you lean towards Trump, a right-wing view is appealing. However, being “right” is not the same as a “white racist supremacist,” which Trump is accused of. President Duterte seems to be neither of the two.

Right-wing conservative belief

If you are a Conservative, you’ll likely uphold traditional values. It makes sense for most Filipino to admire the Republican President who upholds Biblical principles because the majority of Pinoys are God-fearing Catholics and Bible-believing Born-again Christians – that is a good thing!

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Don’t just believe the media

Here’s the thing, most of what we know about politics abroad is mostly from CNN, Twitter, or YouTube. Evidence show CNN did have #FakeNews and they often portray Trump evil. It does not exonerate his immoral past or vile behavior, but these media outlets may have manipulated algorithms in favor of leftists’ views.

most of what we know about politics abroad is mostly from CNN

→ International media that are against Christian values.

Conservative Fox News reports on Liberal CNN’s bias and fake news allegations.

Right vs Left: The “Left Liberals” are for abortion and same-sex marriage. They want to open the US borders, to which Trump is putting walls. They appear righteous in fighting “Climate Change,” but their “green deal” actually have deep demonic roots. Even the “innocent” Greta Thunberg can be deceiving while Hollywood wraps all these deceptions in make-believe.

Pray to have leaders who hold on to Biblical truths

The issue is not whether Filipinos like Trump or not. Like Duterte, God has placed them on top for a reason. We must uphold political leaders who push for Biblical truths. Interestingly, witches hate Trump and organized #MagicResistance to cast a spell on him. Pray for your leaders.

Demonic influence of ultra-left liberal thinking.



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