Christians “divided” on Duterte, Trump

Polarizing views of Christians

In the USA, Christians are divided on Donald Trump. Christianity Today Magazine, founded by Billy Graham who supported the US President, published a scathing article on Trump. Similarly, Filipino Christians are divided on President Duterte.

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Filipino’s confidence in Trump, highest in the world?

Latest Pew Research on Trump shows his trust rating is nearly zero among liberals. It’s a vote of NO confidence in Europe, Canada, and Latin countries with -67% median. In contrast, Filipinos’ confidence in Trump is the highest in the world at +77% followed by Israel at +71%.

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Confidence in Duterte high despite abuses?

Interestingly, despite heavy criticism, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys a consistently high trust rating among Pinoys. Like Trump, both have strong voter turnout. Notwithstanding their colorful personalities and lack of moral ascendancy, critics claim.

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Witches hate Trump, others wished death for Duterte

Interestingly, witches in the USA called for a massive coven to cast spells and curses on Trump. They openly promote #MagicResistance to “bind Trump.” They hate him because of his Biblical moral stand on abortion and LGBTQ issues. Mainstream media associated with leftist ideologies are also critical of both Presidents.

In the Philippines, some Pastors and Priests have organized rallies against government abuses. While some Christians have called for Duterte’s demise. Although the President called the Roman Catholic’s God “stupid,” he called for the people to pray to the “God of the Bible” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demonic influence of ultra-left liberal thinking.
Victimhood culture in the Philippines.

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