First Social Media Presscon

Introducing John15.Rocks

John15.Rocks ministry had its first public introduction on August 2, 2017, held at Kabayan Restaurant, EDSA Pasay. It was attended by several media bloggers. The Q & A consultants were Oliver Almo of Community of Praise, Jon Solangon of BCF, Disraeli Pacuno from CCF, Matthew Thelmo, and Albert Jimenez.

john15 rocks school club leaders

School Club

Among the issues raised were the side effects of social media, suicide and HIV problems that beset the country. Emphasized was the need for Christians to have a sense of unity in actively promoting values formation through social media and at schools. It was noted also that John15.Rocks, being online, can do this only with the help of other volunteers.

One of the projects in the pipeline, the John15.Rocks School Club is an effective tool to influence Generation Z. It plans to use the LATC – Crossroads program introduced in the Philippines by Campus Crusade for Christ.

john15 rocks school club leaders

Values Formation

John15.Rocks hope to influence Generation Z and the Millenials to be responsible and God-fearing Filipinos. If you have the burden to help, volunteer as an online Missionary and campaign for values that hinges on Biblical morals.

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