Five best explanations of life after death

Five best explanations of life after death through an intellectual lens

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza makes a rational and intellectual explanation of life after death. D’Souza authored over 20 books, many critical of liberal politics and policies.

Ben Shapiro and Michael Shermer

Harvard Law graduate Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, and Michael Shermer, the founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, discuss the prospect of the hereafter.

Apologist John MacArthur

Leading apologist and author of dozens of books, John MacArthur, explains briefly what happens after we die.

Apologists Michael Horton, Alistair Begg, and R.C. Sproul

Life after Death Q&A sponsored by the Ligonier Ministry in 2009. The panelists are some of the country’s top apologists who answer it most practically and in light of the scriptures.

Daily Bread author Mart DeHaan

Mart DeHaan sources various authorities who look at the scientific evidence, such as quantum mechanics and the idea that consciousness may be a fundamental aspect of the universe. It also explores religious beliefs about the afterlife, judgment day, and heaven and hell.

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