Unbelievable! Florida City Council Prays to Satan and Mother Earth

Florida City Council doesn’t want to offend anyone, welcomes Satan’s invocation

The growing cancel culture and diversity is making a fool of people. Precisely what Satan wants, tolerance and equality is his tool to kick-off his masterplan. In order not to offend anyone, the Florida City Council gave way to all faiths in beliefs so as not to offend anyone.

Satanic Temple representative delivers invocation in Florida City council meeting

City council meeting in Pensacola, Florida, allowed Satanist David Suhor of Satanic Temple, a religious freedom activist, to say the prayer and invocation on July 14, 2016. Many protested, but Suhor pushed back and said, “quit pushing for Christian privileges.”

The Pensacola city council traditionally begins its meetings with Christian prayer. It caved-in to a devil’s prayer after Council President Charles Bare determined that refusing his request to make the invocation would lead to possible litigation. (ABC 3)

Florida City Council prays to all possible gods and deities

To play safe, the Florida City council welcomed an invocation that pleases all religions and beliefs. In the video, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell led the prayer on December 2, 2014.

He first prayed and thank “mother earth” who he calls the original creator. Then he proceeded to call different religious leaders starting from Allah, then continues with the Greek god Zeus, Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna.

He also called on “logic, reason, and science” and thanked atheist, agnostic, and humanist. The prayer ends in what moralist deism teaches, “let us all love one another, above all else.” Three commissioners walked out during the invocation.

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  1. this is craziness all government has lost their minds, everyone, does not have to pray with him that was a choice YOU EACH MADE. That was a dangerous choice.


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