Gary Valenciano’s most important Gospel song


Gary V’s most popular Gospel music

Gary Valenciano’s rise to fame was filled with his personal struggles. Before coming to Christ, he felt empty despite fame and fortune. These two songs became popular during the 1990’s because a lot of people related not only to its message but to its authenticity. Gary was singing it from the heart.

Letting Go

Gary Valenciano, Faces of Love album, 1990

Verse 1

I used to feel the emptiness inside me
I was not supposed to feel that way
I had everything I needed
But nothing ever made me
What I longed to be
The wealth, the name
The lights, the fame
Were everything to me

Verse 2

And then one night
Out of the blue
I heard His name (Jesus)
And so I took that step of faith
And walked into His domain
I believe that’s what He wants
Every heart to do
When hard may seem the task
One step is all He asks of you


Letting go to know the truth
Is not so hard to do
It’s the heart that’s got the will
To open up for Him to fill
And trusting and believing Him
Is all we’ve got to do

It’s just the heart that’s got to move
For Him to show His love that’s been there
Even when we never cared
Take hold of His hand
Let go and you’ll understand

Verse 3

Why be afraid
For God knows what you’re feeling
But even He can’t do a thing
If He sees the heart’s not willing
And so we ask what’s going on
We want what’s right and still do wrong
When hard may seem the task
One step is all He asks of you


I guess by now you’d realize
You can’t be on your own
And all your cares
And all your burdens
Should be cast upon His throne
Letting go, just let go, letting go
Let go and you’ll understand
Just let go and you’ll understand

Watch Video: Gary V in concert, 1991

Gary V sings Letting Go and Take me out of the Dark arranged by Mon Faustino at his 1991 full house “Major Impact” concert.

Take me out of the Dark

Gary Valenciano, Moving Thoughts album, 1988

Verse 1

Just what is it in me
Sometimes I just don’t know
What keeps me in your love
Why you never let me go

And though you’re in me now
I fall and hurt you still
My Lord, please show me how
To know just how you feel


You have forgiven me
Too many times, it seems
I feel I’m not what you might call
A worthy Christian after all
And though I love you so
Temptation finds its way to me


Teach me to trust in you with all of my heart
To lean not on my own understanding
I just forget
You won’t give me what I can’t bear

Take me out of the dark, my Lord
I don’t wanna be there

Verse 3

You’ve never left my side
You gave your hand to me
To hold you, Oh Jesus
I’m no longer in the cold

Verse 4

And yet, I leave you there
When I feel satisfied
I’d like to thank you every day
Not only…

Gary V’s Christian testimony
Could you be Messiah?
Do you struggle? Ask for help.

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