LGBTQ Attacks Christian Bakers, Demands Equal Rights

gay bullies

Rise of LGBTQ Bullying? Peaceful and loving Christians who want to exercise their freedom of faith are sued by transgender people, lesbians, citing discrimination, equal rights.

Christian Baker Jack Philips, sued thrice for refusing to bake “gay cakes”

Jack Philips is a ‘cake artist” in Colorado. In 2012, he respectfully declined a gay couple who wanted him to make a “same-sex” themed cake. The couple felt discriminated against and sued Jack Philips for his religious right.

In 2017, Jack Philips faced a third lawsuit. A new customer who would have known that Jack Philips avoided making LGBTQ cakes, asked him to make a ‘gender transition cake.” Naturally, he refused. The customer, Autumn Scardina, who was a lawyer, sued him.

Scardina cake
Jack Philips, poster child of LGBTQ attacks sued three times for refusing to bake “same-sex cakes.”

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Christian Bakers Melissa & Aaron Klein sued for refusing same-sex cake

In January 2013, lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer wanted Melissa and Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa to make a same-sex wedding cake. They respectfully refused; the lesbian couple cried discrimination. The court decided against the Kleins and asked them to pay $135,000 in state-ordered damages.

Many saw the case similar to that of Jack Philips, as “government hostility towards religious belief” (Fox News). In 2019, the Supreme Court threw out the ruling against the Christian couple. In 2020, the Oregon court plans to revisit the case if there was religious discrimination.

Transgender Evangelical Pastor leaves church.

Lesbians sue “Christian Senior Center” for discrimination because it exercised its policy against same-sex cohabitation

A Christian retirement home in St. Louis, Missouri sued after it respectfully rejected a lesbian couple because of its policy. The beautiful Christian senior residence is a favorite destination. Its policy defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, as understood in the Bible.

The 72 and 68-years old couple Mary Walsh and Bev Nance, filed a federal lawsuit against the nonprofit senior housing community Friendship Village 2016. The judge ruled against a lesbian couple in 2019.

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Transwoman “Sara Tonin,” attacks a young naive shop clerk for saying “Sir”

A furious transgender woman cussed and threatened a shop worker after he called her “sir” instead of “ma’am.”  Tiffany Michelle, the gay customer, was enraged and threw a hissy fit. She was ‘misgendered’ and felt discriminated at the GameStop store in Albuquerque.

In the video, the transgender undoubtedly looked like a man dressed in women’s clothes. The clerk, obviously in a kneejerk response to a male customer, was respectful and profusely apologized.

Excuse me it is “ma’am,” says Tiffany Michelle who felt bigoted.

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Transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv sues salon therapist, gynecologist

At least two salons in Vancouver forced to close after refusing to wax the male genitalia of transgender activist Jonathan Yaniv. He wanted a “Brazilian wax” but was declined service upon learning she was transgender.

The British Human Rights Tribunal dismissed her complaint. They also called her testimony ‘disingenuous’ and ‘self-serving.’ Yaniv posted on Twitter that she will “Never give up fighting for human rights equality.”

In 2020, Jessica Yaniv said she was suing a gynecologist who refused to see her. The Doctor told her, “we don’t serve transgender patients.” Yaniv was shocked, confused, and hurt. Jessica convinced herself she’s a biological woman. Rebel News said, Yaniv couldn’t go to the beach, because she had a period.

The truth about the victimhood claims of Jessica Yaniv who filed more than a dozen complain because she was sexually discriminated.

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