George Washington (painting) is offensive says San Francisco School

washington painting

San Francisco School District wants offensive George Washington paintings removed

A group at the San Francisco Unified School District wants to remove two paintings of George Washington to protect the students. The 83-year-old murals at the George Washington High School in Northern California are offensive to Native Americans and African-Americans, the group claims.

The leftist activists say it “traumatizes students and community members” because it depicts George Washington with a black slave and a dead native American. Nevermind what he did for the country. It didn’t come as a shock for many. After all, California is a strong leftist state who welcomes transgenders to teach young kids about transgenderism. They support abortion and push for laws that promote homosexuality.

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Why George Washington is offensive

The inconvenient truth is that George Washington owned slaves. It was the culture he grew up with. The mural was done by Victor Arnautoff around 1968. The Life of Washington collection clearly depicts slave labor as widely practiced during that time. The artist’s purpose was to portray the slaves and natives with humanity, not to glorify Washington for owning slaves. Washington was a great man but not perfect. Over the years, his thinking on slavery evolved.

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