Global Outreach Day General Information

Global Outreach Day General Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Global Outreach Day for 2018 is on May 26


The vision of the Global Outreach Day is to mobilize Christians in over 200 nations to bring the Gospel to everyone and everywhere. God is calling you!

Short History

Werner Nachtigal, a German national and world evangelist organized the first Global Outreach Day in 2012. It began with a vision that the Lord impressed on Werner. Over 8 million Christians preached the Gospel that day. The challenge is to reach over 26 million people in a single day, each year.

Why Global Outreach Day?
About 93% of believers worldwide do not share the Gospel intentionally. In fact most church members have never shared the Gospel at all. Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is a catalyst to mobilize the whole church for evangelism. For many Christians, this day of action is their first step to a lifestyle of evangelism.

What happens on that day?
About 20 million Christians in 135 countries participated last year with more than 100 million tracts distributed. Many made a decision to follow Christ, possible by the grace of the Lord through the mobilization of churches and organizations. This global event is held each year, where Christians from all over the world shares the Gospel one day.

For resources: Visit GOD Philippines (J15 Support) or GOD main website.

Who can join?

Christian churches, organizations, companies, and individuals are invited to join the Global Outreach Day. It is open to all Christians who believe that “Salvation is a free gift from God. This gift is received when a person trusts in Jesus Christ to be his only Savior and Lord. It is given by God’s grace and cannot be earned by man through good works, baptism, church membership or any other means”. (Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8-9; John 14:6; John 1:12; Titus 3:5; Galatians 3:26; Romans 5:1)

How to join?

Anyone can join the event by reaching out to at least ONE person. You can also contact us if you need support. For Cavite, Philippines, John15.Rocks is mobilizing church partners and individuals in this area. For more info, please call or text 0925-6461515.

Training and materials

→ Poster
→ Download SmartPhone Apps

* In 2016-2017, John15.Rocks was tapped as a resource for this project. John15.Rocks is no longer connected with PCEC for this project, but continues to support the vision of G.O.D.

Steps / What to do next

1. You can click here to register.
2. Share the vision in your church through a video and form your committee.
3. Organize your team and volunteers who are willing to share the Gospel. You can conduct your own training on how to share the Gospel.
4. Upload or share your videos or photos by joining our Facebook Group – John15.Rocks Club.

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