Global Outreach Day

What is Global Outreach Day?

Global Outreach Day or G.O.D. is a global movement of believers sharing the Gospel of Christ in one day. Werner Nachtigal organized the first Global Outreach Day in 2012. Over 8 million Christians preached the Gospel that day. The challenge is to reach over 26 million people in a single day, each year.

Mission and Vision

The mission/vision of the Global Outreach Day is to build up a network of Christians worldwide, equipping and mobilizing them to share the Gospel to over 200 nations on one single day.

All you need is a willingness to go. Share the gospel in creative ways, according to your resources, gift, and calling. There are many of ways to do this. Click here for creative ways to evangelize.

When is GOD 2019?

Global Outreach Day 2019 is May 25. Save the date!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to share the Gospel

Share the Gospel through the “Bear Fruit” Gospel card.

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