God of Second Chances: Testimony of Fea Sugay

Story of Fea Sugay, born out of wedlock, abused by her step-father-to-be, & ran away at 15.

The God of Second Chances: Testimony of Fea Sugay Yu, healing from a broken family

The consequences of a wayward mother

Fea Sugay Yu‘s childhood began with a lie. Before she turned ten, her supposed mother had to immigrate to the US. With it came the revelation that she was actually her grandmother. A secret that would have shattered her childhood, except her real mom appears to be taking full responsibility for her own child.

It seems like a happy ending, reuniting with one’s biological mom. But the new kind of life that would unravel would be filled with selfishness, heartache, and brokenness.


Molested by her mother’s boyfriend

When Fea thought she finally had a normal life, her supposed second dad molested her. She felt helpless, scared, and confused like any other girl. Born out of wedlock, Fea’s mom lived with her boyfriend. They always fought over trivial things.

A new beginning of some sort

Naturally, Fea was resentful and blamed her mother for their miserable, make-believe family. Her mom let left her boyfriend, and months after, Fea’s biological dad reached out and courted her mom in 2001. It was a reboot: “The Sugay Family 2.0.”

her supposed second dad molested her.


The sins of the parents

The parents made it through the altar. Finally, her family was complete, but the curse of sin wouldn’t leave. They, too, fought constantly. Four years later, her dad left after Fea’s mom got pregnant by another man.

The curse of Fea’s own sins

Fea found herself in a rebellious stage. She had intimate relationships, was hooked to porn, and had the usual vices. Although the children are not supposed to suffer the sins of the parents, Fea chose to live a life of sin, and she suffered for it.

Fea chose to live a life of sin, and suffered.


Hearing but ignoring the Gospel of Jesus

After three years, they were invited to CCF. For the first time, Fea heard about the true God of the Bible, who sent His son to die on the cross as payment for her transgression. “How could He ever love someone as sinful and as dirty as me,” she said.

But the LORD did, but that offer comes with repentance, a decision to turn away from one’s sinful lifestyle.

However, Fea wasn’t ready to give up her sins. It was no surprise that a few months after, she felt no change in their lives. Instead, she questioned God for her misery. Where’s the promise? She asked.

God offers a new life filled with hope, love, and the promise of eternal life once this world is gone. But Fea chose the kind of life that went against God’s plans.

Fea wasn’t ready to give up her sins.


A runaway child at 15 and prostituting herself

After four years, her parents separated in 2006. Her mom got pregnant with another man. It devastated Fea, and she ran away from her what was left of her family.

It wasn’t easy being independent at 15 years old. Years later, she started prostituting herself and ran into various relationships to have a sense of belonging as well as a means to survive.

A slave to sin: “I despised myself”

She went clubbing and drank like there was no tomorrow. Fea despised herself. She felt dirty and a slave to sin where there was no way out but for someone to rescue her.

One night, she pleaded to the God of the universe—if even He is real. But the LORD had a rescue plan for Fea. She was destined to be saved from the lies of the enemy Satan.

Unable to pay her bill, Fea’s landlord locked her apartment. She stayed in a convenience store where she planned to stay overnight when her aunt accidentally found her. Of course, there are no coincidences in God’s timeline.

The LORD had a rescue plan for Fea


The God of second chances

Her aunt reconnected her with her mom, and they were invited to attend church at CCF Alabang. Fea pleaded to God and, with humble repentance, returned and surrendered herself to the Lord in 2010.

The following year, God gave Fea the burden of serving in a campus ministry through CCF Elevate. She held Bible studies and started her small group sharing the God of second chances.

In December 2017, Fe got married to Esteban Yu, who she met through the ministry. She continues to be Christ’s ambassador, serving Him through CCF Dagupan. She’s also the mentor of her teenage sister, who she homeschools.

Testimony of Fea Sugay Yu in CCF.
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