God’s Best: Biblical Qualities of a boyfriend or girlfriend

List of criteria when looking for your God's Best


Eight questions to ask when looking for a Christian boyfriend or girlfriend

Although the Bible does not have a specific rule for dating or criteria for Mr. Right and Ms. Right, it does list the qualities you should look for in a relationship. Being called a Christian is just a brand name and dating a non-Christian unbeliever is discouraged in scriptures. The following list can help you decide if you should take it to the next level.

1. Humble & Teachable

Ephesians 4:2; Proverbs 9:9
If its a boyfriend you are looking for, remember that the man is the leader of the house, he is accountable to God for the kind of family he will raise. Thus, a young man preparing for such should be humble and teachable.

ASK: Do you have a mentor or discipler or is will to have one?

2. Looks you in the eyes

Proverbs 19:22
Is your future boyfriend or girlfriend a habitual liar? There are two kinds of liars: one who does it well and the opposite. The most common lies in dating are trying to be someone else and hiding motives by being overconfident. Watch for the red flags: they often avoid the subject in question, they have a slow response to it and avoids eye contact.

ASK: Do you think you are an honest person?

3. You are not the priority 

Mark 12:30-31
Being a Christian alone is not enough reason to go steady, it’s just a label. What is more important is “godliness” and one way to measure it is through habits. Does he/she belong to a small group or is active in the ministry, sharing the love of Jesus? Does he/she talk often about what God is doing in his/her life or does he/she talk more about himself/herself?

ASK: How is your personal time with God?

4. Loves because God loved first

1 John 3:18
A dating stage is usually sweet and romantic. A Christian who has experienced God’s love is able to genuinely love back. True love is unselfish and puts the other person’s interest first. Equally important, it should be consistent and tested with time.

ASK: Who do you think makes us complete?

5. Promise keepers

Psalm 15:2-5
If in the early stage of dating, your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend could not keep a promise, integrity may be an issue. Integrity is not only measured by being honest.

ASK: Would you steal a paper clip?

6. Friendship goals

Proverbs 27:17
“Relationships” is a partnership and the most successful ones are those that began with friendship. The mark of a lasting relationship is how each other is able to help and support one another in time of crisis. Which goes to say, “I married my best friend”.

ASK: Do you think we’ve been friends enough?

7. Someone who “saves”

1 Timothy 5:8
Once married, the man of the house is expected to fully provide for his family. Financial problem is a leading cause of divorce, Christian or non-Christian. The problem stems from being materialistic. A gentleman will not allow a lady to pay for his share of the bill, if he did for whatever reason, avoid the guy.

ASK: How do you save money?

8. Loves the parents

Proverbs 20:20
How a person behaves with his own family is indicative of how he or she will treat you in times of crisis. Likewise, a young man who is too dependent on his mother will have difficulties in establishing his or her own relationships.

ASK: When was the last time you prayed for your parents?



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