God’s Miracle as Duane Miller Reads Psalm 103

The Duane Miller Story: God performs a miracle as he reads Psalm 103

Duane Miller is a pastor and singer dedicated to preaching the gospel in rural Texas. In 1990, he woke up with a severely sore throat. Doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem, and the condition scarred his vocal cords, reducing his voice to a raspy whisper as if he were being choked.

He lost his job as a pastor and tried other non-speaking jobs. Running out of money, life became difficult. Over three years, he consulted 63 physicians, including those at a Swiss symposium of leading throat specialists. They diagnosed a virus that damaged his vocal cord nerves, with a prognosis that his voice could not be restored.

One day, his former church, First Baptist Church of Houston, where he had taught Sunday school years earlier, asked him to speak to their Sunday school class. Despite reservations, they encouraged him, saying they would provide a microphone and endure difficulties because they loved him and wanted to hear him preach.

He chose Psalm 103 as his text, which states, “He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.” Duane confessed that while outwardly proclaiming his faith in God’s healing, inwardly, he questioned why he was not healed.

His raspy voice changed dramatically as he continued to speak, mentioning “the pit,” a reference to difficult experiences. His voice was completely restored as he continued, a miracle that everyone could see and hear.

The congregation recorded this moment, capturing the miracle. Below is Duane Miller’s transcript, reading Psalm 103.

“Let me say to you that I believe God still heals that hasn’t ended that is not over, so the psalmist says, I’m excited; bless the Lord oh my soul.

One of his benefits is he heals all of my diseases. In verse four, he says “…and he redeems my life from the pit

[at this point, Duane’s normal voice began to sound normal again.]

… Now I like that verse just a whole lot I have had, and you have had in times past pit experiences we’ve both had.

[at this point, Duane’s normal voice had been completely restored.]

We’ve all had times when our life seemed to be in a pit in a grave, and we didn’t have an answer for the pit we find ourselves in….

… and I don’t understand this right now. I’m but overwhelmed at the moment. I’m not quite sure what to say or do. I sounds funny to say “I’m at a loss for words” Thank you Lord!

[Duane continues to read the entire chapter, trying not to sob as the congregation is in complete awe and rejoices over the miracle.]

He redeems my life from the pit and crowns me with love and compassion. He satisfies my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagles…”

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