FEBC Radio: How the Gospel Spread in Asia

How the Gospel spread in Asia: The Bob Bowman Far East Brodcasting Company radio station story

Bob Bowman was 19 years old when the Haven of Rest, founded by Paul Myers, was first heard on the radio. He later became part of the radio program in WDZ as one of the Haven of Rest Quartet.

The 1950s would seem like America’s third great awakening, but God was also moving in Asia as the Gospel spread through the airwaves.

There were no coincidences. All along, God orchestrated how Paul Myers, Haven of Rest founder, and Bob Bowman would travel a similar path of reaching the lost through the airwaves.

Bob Bowman, John Broger, and William Roberts

After being part of the Haven of Rest Quartet, God called Bob and his friend John Broger for a vision for missionary radio that would later become the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC).

They were driven by two things: Obey God and the compassion for people who didn’t know Christ, which was the essence of the great commission to which there is no turning back, Bowman said.

In 1945, FEBC was officially incorporated by Bob Bowman, John Broger, and William Roberts and established with one goal: broadcasting Christ to the world. They had no supportive board at the time, and we’re not affiliated with a specific church denomination.

Broadcasting in China for the first time

They were particularly drawn to China, which at that time was still a republic. They established the radio program in Shanghai in 1948. Just a few months after, they were forced to evacuate. Christian ministries shut down when the communists took over the government.

FEBC established in the Philippines

Bowman and Broger moved to the Philippines and continued with the ministry over a local station. FEBC, which then aired through DZAS, went on air for the first time in Manila on June 4, 1948, at 6 pm.

The Philippines was having its own spiritual revival turned out to be the ideal place to broadcast and reach China. At that time, the world was reeling from the horrors of WW2 while Chinese Believers faced massive Christian persecution.

Although the team seemed free from the communists, the Philippines faced the threat of its communist insurgents, the Hukbalahap—sworn to overthrow the government.

In 1959, British supporters helped expand the radio station’s reach to broadcast in India and the Middle East.

Christian Radio City Philippines began on June 4, 1948, with its initial broadcast over DZAS. (PHOTO via FEBC website)

Proclaiming the hope we have in Christ until He returns

Today, FEBC’s programs are heard on AM and FM stations worldwide, by satellite, the Internet, and on SD cards through our Gospel Speaker Box. It is heard in 141 languages worldwide, broadcasting 1,571 hours each day.

About four billion people live within range of its transmitters. God is using Far East Broadcasting Company to proclaim the hope we have in Jesus until His return.

Matthew 24:14
And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

FEBC Local Branding Station

702 DZASDZAS702 kHz50 kWMetro Manila
98.7 DZFEDZFE98.7 MHz20 kWMetro Manila
1143 DZMRDZMR1143 kHz10 kWSantiago
Care 104.3 The Way FMDWAY104.3 MHz5 kWLegazpi
DZRK 106.3 Radyo KapitbisigDZRK106.3 MHz5 kWQuezon
UP 987DYFR98.7 MHz10 kWCebu City
1233 DYVSDYVS1233 kHz10 kWBacolod
97.5 DYFEDYFE97.5 MHz5 kWTacloban
1197 DXFEDXFE1197 kHz10 kWDavao City
103.3 The New JDXJL103.3 MHz5 kWCagayan de Oro
DXGR 106.9 Radyo GandinganDXGR106.9 MHz5 kWCotabato City
1062 DXKIDXKI1062 kHz5 kWKoronadal
1116 DXASDXAS1116 kHz5 kW
Seoul FEBC (HLKX)1188 kHz; 106.9 MHzSeoul
Youngdong FEBC90.1 MHz; 102.9 MHz; 100.9 MHzYeongdong
Daejeon FEBC93.3 MHzDaejeon
Jeonbuk FEBC91.1 MHzJeonbuk
Gwangju FEBC93.1 MHzGwangju
Mokpo FEBC100.5 MHzMokpo
Jeonmandongbu FEBC97.5 MHz; 92.9 MHzJeonnam
Taegu FEBC91.9 MHz; 105.9 MHzDaegu
Pohang FEBC90.3 MHzPohang
Busan FEBC93.3 MHz; 96.7 MHzBusan
Ulsan FEBC107. MHzUlsan
Changwon FEBC98.1 MHz; 92.5 MHzChangwon
Jeju FEBC (HLAZ)1566 kHzJeju City
Heartline FM KarawaciPM3FSD100.6 MHz5 kWKarawaci
Heartline FM SamarindaPM8FFY94.4 MHz5 kWSamarinda
Heartline FM Lampung91.7 MHz5 kWLampung
Heartline FM Bali92.2 MHz5 kWBali
Radio Teos St. Petersburg1089 kHz50 kWSaint Petersburg
Radio Teos Moscow1134 kHz20 kWMoscow
June 4, 1948, initial broadcast DZAS, envisioned by Bob Bowman, John Broger, William Roberts.
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