How to share the Gospel using SmartPhone


Use your SmartPhone to share the Gospel

God tools cru
Be equipped to easily share your faith using some of the most effective evangelistic tools right on your phone. God Tools is a unique Gospel presentation that includes the most important Bible verses you need, to Share the Gospel. (CRU)

Download GODTOOLS app now

voke gospel sharing
Voke has a collection of the most thought-provoking videos you can share. It notifies you when your friends start watching so you can get their reactions instantly. The FREE app is interactive.

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Get more resources:

1. How to ‘Know God’ Personally.
2. Watch or share the “Jesus Film Collection.”
3. Watch “Jesus Film” in different languages.
4. Let your friends watch #FallingPlates.
5. Download apps through CRU.
6. Download apps through VOKE.
7. Get FREE “Bear Fruit” Gospel Card.

Quick Course: What you need to know before sharing the Gospel.

Are you excited to share the Gospel? The best way to prepare is to study Christian apologetics. For a crash course, you can read our article about the “Historical Jesus” and “Basic knowledge about Jesus.”



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