How to Identify False Bible Teachers


7-Characteristics of progressive, liberal Christian-humanist churches and fake Bible teachers

1. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is their core belief

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (or MTD) defines God as a “cosmic therapist” who wants us to be good and happy. They believe God watches over us to ensure we live a happy life, devoid of heartaches, and go to heaven.

MTD contradicts what Jesus taught; in this life, you will have troubles and tribulations. Oprah and superstar pastor Osteen promote “positivism,” which is another fancy “new-age” word for it.

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2. They promote pampering and prosperity gospel

Like MTD, the prosperity gospel is attractive because it emphasizes what we can get out of Christianity. They use catchphrases like “name it, claim it!” If you do this, think, and act this way, God will bless you.

Superficial Christianity made a lot of money and elevated a lot of charlatans,” apologist John MacArthur.

Preachers, authors, and Bible teachers active in social media, who are associated with faulty preaching:

Ann Voskamp (500K followers)
Beth Moore (1 Million followers)
Bill Johnson (600K followers)
Christine Caine (1 Million followers)
Jen Hatmaker (1 Million followers)
Joel Osteen (25 Million followers)
Joseph Prince (4 Million followers)
Joyce Meyers (13 Million followers)
Kay Arthur (500K followers)
Lisa Bevere (1 Million followers)
Lysa TerKeurst (1.5 Million followers)
Priscilla Shirer (1 Million followers)
Sarah Young (1 Million followers)
Steven Furtick (5 Million followers)

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3. Ecumenism and social activism is important to them

They are impassioned with supporting social activism: world peace, gay freedom, transgender rights, and even the demonic BLM. Today, there’s a lot of talk about embracing imperfection, culture, and belief.

Sounds noble, but political moves like Pope Francis’ “one world peace” are feelers of the one-world government yet to come.

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4. They’re smart-dressing and stage-performing intelligent pastors

Lukewarm Christianity doesn’t come bland; it’s pompous, beautiful, and intelligent. These preachers preach a hefty blend of doctrine and moralistic theistic deism—they quote scriptures well!

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5. They usually come from mega-churches filled with dazzling lights, sounds, and multiple cameras

Combine MTD and Prosperity Gospel—you a new wave of “Pop-Christianity” with millions of followers being led to hell. They justify pampering as God’s ultimate will for His people on earth.

People flock and fill these churches because these preachers say what they want to hear. Like Hillsong, Lakewood, and the demonic Bethel church, they turn Sundays into live concerts, singing praises because God is so good to them.

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6. They embrace equality and diversity

They support abortion and call it human rights. It’s OK to continue living a gay life; God’s grace abounds. They allow same-sex marriage and call it an acceptable holy union between two same sexes.

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7. Their connection with God is like pulling strings from the air

Many preachers like Beth Moore “listens” to voices and assumes it’s God. She claims Jesus calls her “honey” or “babe and what fun and happy fellowship we can have with a loving God.

Moore levels God like she’s talking to a playmate—after all, what a friend we have in Jesus, right? No wonder Bible scholar John MacArthur preaches against a new phenomenon, “God told me.”

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