How to Know if its Christian Persecution


Hardship in life or being criticized for your belief is not the same as Christian persecution in the Bible

Living a difficult life full of troubles, problems, and hardship is not Christian persecution. It could consequence of wrong choices. In the same way, if someone contradicts your doctrine, it could be an open rebuke, not persecution.

How to know if you are being persecuted

  1. The other person is rejecting the authority of Jesus.
  2. You are told to deny Jesus’ deity.
  3. You are prevented from exercising your faith.

In short, Christian persecution has something to do with limiting one’s right to exercise faith.

A clear example is when the government prohibiting you from gathering and worshiping on Sunday, just like what happened with John MacArthur in 2020.

Today, Christians are divided over progressive doctrines vs. reformed tradition. When someone who claims to be Christian disagrees with you—don’t call it persecution.

Instead, move away from these people. The Bible says it is foolishness to argue with them (Proverbs 26:4-14).

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