How to Overcome ADHD in the Bible

How to Overcome ADHD in the Bible

ADHD can stem from societal changes, teaching methods, or reduced outdoor activity. In other words, ADHD is more than a neurobiological condition, according to Dr. Thomas Armstrong of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development.

Although there are genuine diagnoses of ADHD that are neurobiological, many young people today who claim to have ADHD are lazy if we use a Biblical lens.

1. A culture of deep respect

ADHD is unheard of in many Asian countries, and a student who has symptoms of ADHD, such as difficulty focusing, is often forced to do so out of obedience and respect to school authorities. In other words, submission to authority and the culture of respect force kids with ADHD to comply.

Asians deeply respect their parents and authority, unlike many American students who disrespect their teachers. Students” respect for teachers in the USA dropped from 79% to 31%, according to a Harris poll in 2014.

In 2022, student behavior spiraled out of control, with statistics indicating high rates of classroom disruptions (56%), acts of disrespect towards teachers and staff (48%), and rowdiness outside of the classroom (49%).

In contrast to most classrooms in Asia, students rarely disrupt classes or disrespect a teacher by not listening or at least pretending to do so.

2. Submission to authority

I have worked with high school students in special education for four years. Nearly all of the kids in this type of class are diagnosed with some form of ADHD, and they find it difficult to submit their homework, study for a test, or listen to the teacher.

Surprisingly, the very same ADHD students can focus on video games because it’s pleasurable. They often play on their iPads while pretending to listen to the lecture.

Such behavior is highly inappropriate in an Asian classroom setting. Therefore, the issue is not difficulty focusing but because they refuse to do so on things that do not give excitement, thrill, or reward.

The irony of the most common ADHD symptoms:

  • They find it difficult to listen and focus on the lesson, yet many can focus on video games.
  • Despite having an elementary-level curriculum, they find completing tasks such as homework or studying for a test difficult.
  • Nearly all of them say they are “stressed.”

3. Fear and discipline

There are extremely few kids who would say, “I love doing homework or studying,” yet many Asians are able to accomplish academic requirements beyond expectation, more than any other racial group.

Therefore, the typical Asian will do their homework or study not because it’s pleasurable but out of fear of consequences and out of obedience to school authority.

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