John Ramirez, from a Satanic high priest to God’s messenger


John Ramirez had superhuman powers that his father, the devil, trained him since he was a child

At eight years old, John Ramirez trained by witches and warlocks to become a high priest in the church of the devil. “I knew all the ceremonies you could do as a devil worshipper, going so far as to sell my soul to the devil in a diabolical, blood-soaked ritual — all in exchange for his power,” he said.

John Ramirez used that power to haunt and prey on people in bars, clubs, and alleys of the South Bronx. He performed witcraft on them, the works of darkness that his father, the devil, taught him.

I should have gone straight to hell and died. But I’ve been reborn,” John said. God spoke to him through a miraculous, larger-than-life dream and snatched John Ramirez from the grips of hell. Today he is God’s child, through his faith in Jesus.

God spared me John for one purpose, to expose the enemy to the fullest.

The spiritual world is real

Ghosts and spirits are as real as witches and warlocks, but they all belong to a demonic world. Satan, the father of lies, is the “god” of this world. Jesus will return to destroy evil and save those who belong to Him.

Were you involved in witchcraft, a member of the Satanic Temple, or Satanist of America? God can and wants to set you free

God has put in the heart of John Ramirez to create an 8-week teaching course. It will teach you the devil’s secret plans so that you can arm yourself with the power of God and resist the devil’s schemes.

You can enroll in John Ramirez Spiritual Warfare Bootcamp to learn more about Satan’s schemes, directly from a former Satanist warlock.



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