John Ramirez, high rank warlock became a Christian

He had super-human powers from someone you wouldn't want to meet


John Ramirez was dedicated to the devil

John had an abusive and alcoholic father. His folks were witches and warlocks who practiced the Santeria religion. They earn by doing witchcraft. “When I was very young, I saw my Dad worship the devil. I saw the devil come into that room and my father speaking in demonic tongues from seven at night until five in the morning.”

John’s mother took him to tarot card reading. They were warned that John will become blind unless they perform a Santería a ritual on him. They blindfolded John and bath him with herbs and started chanting and calling their five main (demonic) gods.

John was 9 years old then and after the ritual, his life changed. “My whole personality, everything who I stood for as a young boy was no longer there. I felt like someone took a black blanket and just put it right over me – spiritually.

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santeria religion catholic christians
Youth are particularly attracted to Santeria for its cool edginess. It is very spiritual and highly religious, and the goals of those attracted to it are attaining of wealth, health, and prosperity.

Becoming Satan’s child

John Ramirez was watching a Jerry Springer TV show. He heard a voice that said “son, I am coming soon. What are you going to do with your life?” Since then, the devil would come in human form and sit across him. The demon would keep him company all night, teaching John about dark things and magic.

After his training, John felt powerful and respected. “People knew that I was a force to be reckoned with,” says John. “I liked that power. I was talked down to as a young boy. Now, I had the authority and the power that I can do whatever I want.”

Satan became the father he never had. “I tell him, my father, I’m here, what would you like to speak to me about? What is it that you want me to do?”

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The salvation of John Ramirez

John was invited to a Christian church by a girl who he liked. He kept going to the church to please her. Unknowingly, God began to work in the heart of John. The power of Satan could not hold John any longer, God was moving in his life.

john ramirez praying church
About two hundred people got up and raised their hands and prayed for John.

One Sunday morning, the pastor gave an altar call. John decided to go forward and somewhat commit himself to the one true God, but he wasn’t prepared for what happened next. He thought to himself that the devil can’t get to him, he was inside a church and in front of a pastor, he is protected by the sanctuary. However, John suddenly was thrust into the air, he was grabbed by a demon and said, “I came for you.”

All the big men in the church tried to grab John, but the demons threw people around like ragdolls. Then about two hundred people got up and raised their hands and prayed over the situation. John knew that these demons could have killed them in a heartbeat but John saw the power of God inside the church.

One of the men kept whispering in John’s ear, “say Jesus is Lord, say Jesus is Lord! say it, say it!” John was eventually able to open his mouth and said “Jesus is Lord.” and everything stopped, and the devil left.

Turning to Jesus

John’s struggle got intense. He felt torn in two spiritual worlds. He said, “The Lord Jesus can’t have me, the devil can’t have me, the best way out is suicide.” John was in shame, confused, and tired. He didn’t know how to pray, so he began to talk to God instead.

John remembers saying “I don’t know what they call You, Jesus, whatever they call You in church, I don’t like You. I never liked You. I never had anything to do with You. I want no dealings with You. I hate You. I don’t want to be part of You. I never want to be a Christian. I disown You if that’s going to get You away from me. I will worship the devil until the day I die.” But John whispered after, “If You are bigger than the god that I serve, then You show me tonight or leave me alone.”

John went to sleep and dreamt he was on a subway. “The train was filled with people,” John recalls. “their faces were drained. And we were going somewhere I knew that was not good. And as the train was going faster than light, there was a lady dressed very elegant and she started talking to me in demonic tongues. I understood the tongue: Traitor! You’re leaving us.”

John stepped out of the subway and into the darkness. “As I went to the tunnels of hell, the heat grips you and the fear ropes around you. There’s no hope. The hope is removed,” John says. “As I got to a part of the tunnel, the devil came out bigger and more strong — I’d never seen him like that. And the devil told John “I’ve been with you when you were 9 years old. I’ve been a father to you. I’ve given you everything. I’m going to keep you here because if I can keep you here, you won’t wake up upstairs (which is on earth). You belong to me. You’re not going to leave. You know too many secrets of my religion.

The cross of Christ

When the devil went to grab John, a three-foot cross appeared in his hands. John couldn’t understand how a cross would appear in his hand as he never called for the cross. John placed the cross on the devil and it immediately lost its powers, like a baby who was helpless. The devil had no power at the foot of the cross.

writing letter to GodWhen John woke up, he was a changed man. He knew that Jesus is Lord. He knelt and prayed to Jesus. John gave his life to Jesus that day. He wrote in a piece of paper “I’m a servant, a slave of Jesus Christ. I’ll serve You all the days of my life.”

The demons retaliates
John threw out all of his witchcraft paraphernalia, but the battle wasn’t over. He was under spiritual attack each night. As John lay asleep, there were times he’d feel someone’s hands grabbing his throat and trying to pick him off the bed, as if ripping his soul away from his body.

At times, the demon would grab John by the feet, the bed shook and levitates reaching the ceiling. John couldn’t breathe, he’d couldn’t cry out, couldn’t talk and felt someone was choking him. John would try to call out for Jesus, and it was difficult. Eventually, he’d be able to utter “Jesus, help me, save me,” and the demons would leave.

John didn’t understand why God permitted the nightly struggles. “I asked the Lord, ‘Why did you allow this to happen to me? Why this torment? Why did you allow these people to abuse me this way? I gave my life to You. I told You I would serve you.’ And He said to me, ‘I wanted to know how much you loved me, how much you trust Me.’ And no devil ever showed up to my house ever again” said John.

John Ramirez today

John shares the gospel with everyone he can. He has written a book about his experiences called Out of the Devil’s Cauldron and has been invited to many churches to share his testimony. His video testimony is featured at

“I’ve been victorious in Christ,” says John. “I’ve got peace. I’m not empty anymore. I’ve got fulfillment. I’ve got a purpose and I have a destiny today, and all because I said ‘yes’ to the cross. Now I’m an evangelist for the Kingdom of Light. No more an evangelist for the dark side. I expose the dark side every time the Lord gives me a chance because you don’t have to die in your sins – Jesus shed the blood for you. That’s the blood that counts, the one at the cross.”

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  1. Talo pa pala ng mga satanist and mga Kristyano, na anak ng Diyos. Nakakahiyang isipin na mas babad pa sila at committed kaysa sa mga Kristyano. Mga Pastor, Worship Leaders, Mga Elders, Mga Youth at Mga anak ng Diyos. Kung minsan sa buhay niyo gusto niyo ng sumuko at tuwing devotion antok na antok kayo lagi niyong alalahin na pati ang mga demonyo ay nag dadasal sa diyos nila


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