“In Jesus Name” Prayer Constitutional?

United States Supreme Court asked to decide if “In Jesus Name” prayer constitutional

Mount Sterling Village outside Columbus, Ohio, has councilmembers under fire for its age-old tradition of praying during meetings. Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) said it is forcing religion on its citizens by saying a Christian prayer.

The Mayor allows a clergy or council member to say a prayer. Mayor Billy Martin permitted Dortha Ross, a member and associate pastor of Mount Sterling Church of the Nazarene, to open the prayer meeting.

She said, “We are thankful that, God, you are our creator, and that you sent your son, Jesus, as our Redeemer.” Atheist Liberal-Democrats were not pleased.

Satanists pray in US Capitol.

Is a Christian prayer in public constitutional?

This long issue of including prayers that mention the Judeo-Christian God is a hot button for atheists and leftist groups. Christian persecution in the US is unprecedented.

Groups have called for the Supreme court to intervene and decide whether alluding to public prayers to God is constitutional.

Kentucky school removes prayer.

Biblical principles embedded in the US Constitution

Whether or not it’s constitutional, America’s founding fathers embraced, pursued, and credited the “God of Moses, Abraham, and King David” in constitutional laws and liberty.

Faiths of the Founding Fathers, from John Adams to George Washington, rooted in the Judeo-Christian God. Even the US Constitution is based on Biblical principles.

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