Is Genesis History: A scientific documentary


Is there proof that the world was created in six normal days?

This documentary should inspire and remove doubts on the origins of life, according to the book of Genesis. The creation in six normal days, our ancestors Adam and Eve, Noah’s global flood, and a tower of Babel all find a scientific and logical proof through Dr. Del Tackett’s, “The Truth Project.” The documentary is 118 minutes and is highly recommended for ages 12 years old and above.

Why proving the Book fo Genesis is important:

Genesis is the foundation of the Gospel

Everything starts with Adam. If Adam didn’t disobey and bring sin and death into the world, then there was no reason for Christ to save us. Paul understood that. It’s why he spends a lot of time comparing Adam with Jesus. Paul even refers to Jesus as “the last Adam.”

We all know there are strange cultural ideas being embraced today. As a result, there are a lot of people in the pews and kids in youth groups who need to hear what Genesis has to say about culture.

Transgender and Gender Dysphoria: If God created man in His own image as male and female, then we are essentially male and female from the beginning, and our sex can’t change.

On marriage: If God created Eve to marry Adam and have children, and they are the pattern for all men and women, then two men or two women can’t marry each other.

Climate Change and Global Warming: if God told Noah after the Flood He would never destroy the earth again with water, and that all the seasons (i.e., the climate) would remain the same for seedtime and harvest, then there’s no need to fear any future climate issues. The list goes on and on: life, economics, environmental stewardship, technology, food, science. Genesis is the ultimate counter-cultural book that provides the standard for how we should order our lives.

Genesis is being reinterpreted by evolutionists

There is an influential movement happening now whose goal is to re-introduce Darwinian evolution into Christian theology. Called “Theistic Evolution or “Evolutionary Creation,” the group pushing for it are “Biologos.” Unfortunately, these well-known Christians thinkers are teaching heresy.

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Supported by scientists

The film spends time with over a dozen scientists explaining the world around us in light of the history recorded in Genesis. They represent just a fraction of the hundreds of scientists who see Genesis as a true and accurate authority. When Christians realize that Genesis is truly history, it will change the way we view all things.

Is Genesis History trailer. Subscribe and watch the full documentary film.

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List of Scientists & Scholars who examined the Book of Genesis

Kevin Anderson, PhD


Steve Austin, PhD

Steve Boyd, PhD

Robert Carter, PhD

Arthur Chadwick, PhD

Danny Faulkner, PhD

George Grant, DLitt, DMin, PhD

Paul Nelson, PhD

Douglas Petrovich, PhD

Marcus Ross, PhD

Andrew Snelling, PhD

Kurt Wise, PhD

Todd Wood, PhD

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