Is Your Church a Concert Venue or a House of Worship?


The ambiance of many Christian churches today is dark, filled with dazzling lights and superstar pastors

After World War 2, churches departed from ornate religious design to simple architecture. It cost less and took faster to build. After all, the gilded age was associated with oppression.

In the late 1980s, churches still used windows and bright lights until Hillsong Music made concert halls the standard. After all, you can let go of your inner self in the dark.

Understandably, young people find those boring

How false teachers twist the Bible.

Darkness descends on Christian churches

Churches today that pack huge numbers are often set in a dark auditorium with dazzling lights. Gone is the “old world” of stained glass and artsy hall. Understandably, young people find those boring.

The spotlight is on

To make it more appealing, they have preachers wearing signature clothes that match their huge homes. People are naturally drawn to this—well, “the world” is.

Worship leaders are not essential

Today, worship leaders play critical roles in an emotional experience. Unfortunately, most of what we have is a performance. Were easily moved by the melody or inflamed by the beating of the drums.

The problem, the heart is deceitful, emotions can be mundane.

The world has infected the church

John MacArthur, criticized for being old school, insists “the world” has infected the church and turned it “dark.” He said, “Cut out the music. Turn on all the lights—normal lightbulbs, please. Have a man stand in front of them and preach the Word. Try and sell that.

Have a man stand in front of them and preach the Word. Try and sell that.

The nature of Satan and what he can do.

Higher ‘Act of Worship’

There’s nothing wrong with praising God with amazing lights and sounds unless it waters down the Gospel message. In these churches, young people think worshipping God is all about crying and singing along hands raised—well, it is not.

Romans 12:1
Therefore I urge you, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”

How to identify fake pastors

False preachers in dark churches

False teachers say little or none about repentance and sanctification. Some of them don’t even use the Bible to quote directly from God’s words. Instead, these superstar pastors preach “be yourself” rather than “die to self.”

Remember, lights and music is Lucifer’s turf, he was a cherub, and his name was Morning Star. If you are pastoring a church and have allowed this kind of darkness to set in, open your windows and let the light of Christ come through.

Open your windows and let the light of Christ come through!

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