J Lo’s Indecent, Satanic Performance at Superbowl

Singers Jennifer Lopez’s indecent and Satanic performance at Superbowl

The 2020 Super Bowl LIV held in Miami was a spectacular event that left a lasting impression. One fan praised the half-time show, featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, as the most outstanding Latina performance ever. However, some parents were outraged by J Lo’s pole dancing, crucifixion mimicry, and suggestive gyrations, which CNN reported as resembling a “porn show.”

Rapper Cardi B said, “I’m so blessed… it empowered women,” and perhaps it did. But it also encouraged indecency, fornication, and Satanism. Their choreography, traditionally associated with strip clubs, was deemed inappropriate. [NY POST]

The Federal Communications Commission received complaints for their lewd performance. One parent said they wanted to watch the Super Bowl as a family and did not subscribe to adult channels or buy pornography.

This year’s Super Bowl stage design resembled the Satanic Temple’s Venus logo. With the inclusion of singers who use demonic and Illuminati symbols, they seem to have a significant influence on the younger generation. Satan no longer hides in music.

Nowadays, performers on stage doing what appears to be “soft porn” is deemed acceptable, and “music, sex, and satanism” and Hollywood have them all.

What the Bible says

In the end times, people will become “conceited” and put pleasure way above God. The Apostles tell us to avoid these people or perhaps not listen to their music (2 Timothy 3).

Revelation 18:4
Jesus commands us, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins so that you will not receive any of her plagues. “


J. Lo performs “indecent” on national TV along with kids. What’s the point of promoting masturbation?

A decadent end days

In 2013, Lopez was criticized on Twitter for her inappropriate outfit at a Britain’s Got Talent episode. She wore an outfit that barely covered her assets. J Lo’s indecent outfits are not the exception; it has become the norm in American music entertainment.

Almost a decade after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, in 2023, the couple was at the 65th Grammy Awards, where audiences alike cheered for the Unholy performance of Sam Smith.

Sam channeled what appeared to be Lucifer himself with the devil’s horns surrounded by minions who praised him amidst the fires of hell. Along with it were praises for the first transgender Grammy winner, Kim Petras.

This is their kind of world where Satan is out and proud.

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