A Love story that doesn’t make sense

I Still Believe: Love story of Melissa & Jeremy Camp

I Still Believe a movie released in 2020. A romantic drama, the true-to-life story of Jeremy Camp and his first wife Melissa will challenge your faith as a Christian. Jeremy met Melissa at school, and he was head over heels with her.

After two weeks of getting to know her, he knows she the ones and says it plainly, “Hey! I just feel like I love you,” and Melissa replies, “I can’t tell you that right now.” Jeremy was devastated, and they stopped dating.

Singers possessed by Satan’s influence.

I just know she’s the one

They met again when he learned that Melissa was sick; she had ovarian cancer. Jeremy visits, and what he finds was a woman beaming with light. She was just at peace, knowing that Jesus is with her.

Later that night, Jeremy couldn’t understand it, but he told God, “If she tells me she loves me, then I’ll marry her.” A week later, during chemo, she tells him, “I never told you, but I love you.”

What if I’m not supposed to be healed?

He tells his parents he wants to get married. “I’m supposed to be with her; I can’t explain it, I just know that,” he said. “Son, you’re just 20 years old,” says his Dad.

They got married on October 21, 2000. He thought everything would be fine, but doctors tell him she has months or weeks to live after the honeymoon.

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I’m supposed to be with her, I can’t explain it, I just know that.

Despite the threat of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the film was released at the height of the lockdown on March 27, 2020. You can watch the movie anytime through Lionsgate website.

How did Jeremy overcome?

Well, he admits that part of his history of grief will always be there, but “It shows hope in the midst of pain,” Jeremy said.

We can only overcome by practicing God’s promises, walking with him, and renewing our mind, he said in this interview. He had to go back to basic scriptures he knew when he was young.

What’s wrong with Hillsong music?

jeremy camp
Jeremy Camp is a Christian singer-songwriter with this really cool raspy voice. He won twice and was nominated five times as the male vocalist of the year. He won ASCAP songwriter and Dove awards 5 times, among others. He was also nominated for Grammy and sold nearly 5 million albums.
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