John 15 School Club

About John15.Rocks School Club

The J15 School Club is a project of John15.Rocks Center that promotes values formation in schools. We hope to influence Millenials and Generation Z to be productive and responsible.

Our mission: To equip Generation Z with values formation rooted in Filipino and Biblical morals.

● Godliness (Maka-Diyos)
● Mutual Respect (Magalang)
● Etiquette (Delicadeza)
● Honesty (Katapatan)
● Courage (Tiyaga)
● Integrity (Palabra de honor)
● Cultural Patrimony (Makabayan)
● Personal Responsibility (Pananagutan)

Organizational setup

The club officers include an elected President, Deputy VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. They are guided by the club Constitution and Bylaws, and managed by the following overseers:

● District Governor
● School Club Adviser
● School Director (SD)
● Campus Missionary (CM)
● Life Coach Volunteer (LCV)

Club Activities

Weekly Small Groups

● Promote Filipino values.
● Share Biblical morals.
● Teach practical life skills.
● Demonstrate godly virtues.

Speak Life

A monthly morning activity. We stand at the school’s entrance with positive “shout outs” to students who enter. We offer “free hugs” and “prayers”

J15 Band

We encourage each club to form a band to promote homegrown talents. They can perform in schoolwide activities.


● Music 101
● Rudiments of music.
● Psychology of music.

Vlog or Blog

Members are welcome to use their talent and experience through writing and vlogging.


Bring Your Bible To School – Philippines. An annual during the National Bible Month.


● True Loves Waits
● Anti-Depression
● Sino Ako? HIV Campaign

Parenting 101

To support both ends, we offer an optional module for Christian parenting.

central university of pasay

The 15-point agenda of the school club


1. New start
2. Understanding oneself
3. Right choices
4. Respecting others
5. Spiritual

MODULE 2/3 – Everyday Christian Parent

6. Relationship (Strengthening, finances)
7. Solving people puzzles (Personality profile)
8. Love language (Connecting)
9. Biblical parenting (Godly parenting)
10. Discipline by grace (Child Training)

MODULE 3/3 – Family Camp

11. God’s design for success
12. Inner healing
13. Team building
14. Biblical values for the family
15. Where do we go from here

Want to volunteer?

We are currently establishing the school club in selected areas, and we need volunteers. You can also help by sponsoring a school club program or activity. You can help through the following:
1. Pray for the ministry.
2. Volunteer online or on campus.
3. Donate any amount.

donate christian ministry
Donate any amount to help mobilize our volunteers in the school clubs.
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