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About John15.Rocks School Club

The School Club is a project of John15.Rocks Center aims to promote values formation in schools and through social media. We hope to influence Generation Z to be productive and responsible. We will do this through the DepEd recognized Life at the Crossroads (LATC) curriculum and through ‘Life Coach’ volunteers.

Our mission: To equip Generation Z with values formation rooted in Filipino and Biblical morals. We want to help students with their physical, mental, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual discipline and influence their value system by addressing the following:

● Godliness & faithfulness.
● Obedience to authority.
● Holding on to Filipino values.
● Love for the country.

We hope to promote a “progressive conservative value” that promotes traditional Filipino values to the students. These are mainly the following:

● Godliness (Maka-Diyos)
● Mutual Respect (Magalang)
● Etiquette (Delicadeza)
● Honesty (Katapatan)
● Courage (Tiyaga)
● Integrity (Palabra de honor)

Organizational setup

The club officers include an elected President, Deputy VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. They are guided by the club Constitution and Bylaws, and managed by the following overseers:

● District Governor
● School Club Adviser
● School Club Director (SD)
● Campus Trainer volunteers (CT)
● Life Coach volunteers (LC)

Club Activities

1. Weekly Small Groups

The first two weeks discusses the LATC curriculum. It’s a 45-minutes classroom discussion with a breakout. The last two weeks is a discussion of a music with group interpretation or a short presentation. Each group is facilitated by a “Group Leader” who is an officer, a volunteer member, or someone from J15RC.

2. Other Projects

● LATC Weekly Small Group
● Anti-Depression Seminar
● Sino Ako (HIV Campaign)
● Speak Life
● Fundraising Activity
● Student Retreat

3. Counseling Referral Program or CRP

The CRP is a special program that refers to club members in need of specialized counseling.

4. District-wide Activities in the Future

● Mini-Sports Fest
● Music Festival
● Kultura Filipinas Art Contest
● Parent-student seminar

central university of pasay

The 15-point agenda of the school club

MODULE 1/3 – LATC (Cru)

Module 1 will use LATC DepEd Curriculum. It is a year long weekly small group activity that includes – interactive lessons, games, stories, small group discussions, role playing, and personal-reflection journaling. Topics as follows:
1. New start
2. Understanding oneself
3. Right choices
4. Respecting others
5. Spiritual

What we hope to accomplish
After this module, we hope to inspire students in their personal worth and value in God’s eyes and society. How they should respond to risks, decisions, strategies, friendship, and choices. They should be able to appreciate who they are and what measures they need to go forward.

MODULE 2/3 – Everyday Christian Parent

Module 2 is optional. It is a series of parenting seminars held at the school grounds. It aims to address and educate parents on the following issues:
6. Couple relationship (Strengthening, finances)
7. Solving people puzzles (Personality profile)
8. Love language (Connecting)
9. Biblical parenting (Godly parenting)
10. Discipline by grace (Child Training)

What we hope to accomplish
After the seminar, parents should be able to understand their children and love them unconditionally, with God as the ultimate parent. The camp aims to equip them with a framework for raising godly children..

MODULE 3/3 – Family Camp

Module 3 is an optional retreat for the family.
11. God’s design for success
12. Inner healing
13. Team building
14. Biblical values for family
15. Where do we go from here

This module is arranged between third party “team building facilitators” (Touch Life Phils.) and the School, with an organizing and handling fee, depending on the number of participants.

john 15 rocks volunteers
Christian partners and youth volunteers of John15.Rocks in 2017, with District Governor Pastor Oliver Almo; Youth Pastor Mark Macasiab; School Director Professor Jon Solangon, and Albert Jimenez.

We need partners

We are currently establishing the school club in selected areas and we need volunteers. You can also help by sponsoring a school club program or activity.

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