Apologist John Macarthur refuses to submit to authority

The COVID-19 pandemic fears used to persecute churches in America; Apologist John Macarthur refuses to submit to authority

According to W.H.O., the Coronavirus infection kills 0.6 percent of patients. To date, about 200,000 people have died. Mostly those in pro-abortion states suffered casualties. Although it still is a bad thing, deadlier is the fear of contraction.

Hence the local government prohibited public gatherings. However, Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot is allowed. The double standard is clear as left-liberal state California declared church gatherings non-essential.

John Macarthur of Grace Community Church has always abided by the rules

Apologist Pastor John Macarthur has always ignored California’s progressive laws that are anti-Christian. But when the double standard was clear, he refused to submit to authority.

California’s Democrat Mayor and Governor moves were unconstitutional, “defying the mandate to protect religious liberty.” (Thomas More Society)

grace church
Grace Church Community Zoom meeting during COVID-19 pandemic.

MacArthur wants to obey God’s word, which tells Christians to assemble and worship

Early in September, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted a preliminary injunction against Grace Community Church, prohibiting Pastor John MacArthur from holding indoor worship services.

They don’t want us to meet; that’s obvious… they’re not willing to work with us,” he said from the pulpit. “They want to shut us down. But we’re here to bring honor to the Lord,” he added.

Democrat leader’s draconian rule

After facing backlash, Democrat-Liberal Gavin Newsom, governor of California, was told to stop restricting church services on May 14, 2021.

A federal judge ordered Newsom to pay $1.35 million over the state’s draconian lockdown of 3,000 churches during the coronavirus pandemic. The news

Can Christians criticize government

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