Ex-Satanists Warns, Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey said, “After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween… I am glad Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year,” Lavey, Satanic Bible, 1969.

Likewise, ex-Satanist John Ramirez knows how demons operate on Halloween. “I was trained with high-rank devils,” he said. He warns everyone to stay out of Halloween.

In the USA, Americans would spend a record of $10 billion on Halloween 2021 and more than 180 million, primarily kids, participate in the pagan tradition.

Satan no longer hides in music.

Six reasons to reject Halloween:

1. Halloween is the devil’s holiday

Halloween began with a pagan and demonic ritual for Samhain, a Gaelic diety. It also represents the end of the harvest season and the “darker half” of the year. It was “Christianized” as All Saints Day by Pope Gregory IV. The Church of England renamed it “All Hallows Eve.”

The color orange is associated with the fall season when leaves wilt and die, while the pumpkin is related to the Ochun goddess. Warlocks worldwide celebrate this night by conjuring satanic attacks and curses to the community they are assigned to recruit souls, says John Ramirez.

→ School principal bans Christmas “Jesus Candy.”

2. Opening the door for demons

The pumpkin represents a demon called “Oshun” that controls rivers. It is a type of Jezebel in the Santeria religion. Oshun loves casting romantic spells. To ask for fertility, one must offer pumpkin and light candles.

Another legend related to the pumpkin is that of the goddess Ochun. She had a Calabaza (pumpkin) who she took care of, but it stole gold coins from her husband, Orunmila. Angry, she sliced Calabaza, and the stolen coins came out.

christian halloween decor
Notice that many people like decorating their entrances with “death,” and they love doing it each year.

Generational Curse

“Satan loves Christians who celebrate Halloween because it brings a 4 to 5 generation curse into that family,” says John Ramirez. When the door is open, demons can enter, and the curse is attached to family members.

3. Harvest is not a substitute for Halloween

It was the end of the harvest season when ancient Celtics celebrated Samhain (origin of Halloween). Harvest season is celebrated in many American churches.

Although the vegetable by itself is not demonic, the use of pumpkin symbolizes this pagan tradition. The roots of Halloween are the Samhain ritual, which is a pagan festival for the harvest.

Pagan origin: From October 31 to November 2, the Celts celebrated the Vigil of Samhain (pagan lord of the dead). He assembles the souls of those who died the previous year and decided what form it should take the next year. The soul can become human again or condemned to reincarnate into an animal. The evilest souls are assigned to cats.<br></br>To appease Samhain, they bribe him with gifts and prayers. Samhain also refers to mean the “end of summer” and traditionally has become a way to celebrate the “end of harvest.”

Pumpkin symbolizes this pagan tradition

4. Halloween costumes honor demons

When you wear a Halloween costume, you tell demons that your identity belongs to Samhain, ruler of the dead. In contrast, a Christian’s identity belongs to Christ.

Pagan Samhain honors the dead. They believe some are resurrected while others are reincarnated. The reason for the “offering harvest for the dead.”

Deception is deep that parents dress their kids like little Zombies. Satanist founder Anton La Vey died a few days before Halloween.

5. Witches and Warlocks come out on Halloween

During Halloween night, Satanists and occultists summons spirit guides to help them hone their magic powers. Others meet in covens and chant curses on people and areas within their territory.

When John Ramirez was still a warlock, he celebrated Halloween with people and literal demons alike.

6. Trick or Treat in reverse is “offering to Satan”

Satan has turned Halloween cute with kids in costumes. Trick or Treat has the same principle of Samhain tradition, where they gave gifts to the “lord of the dead. By appeasing the demon god, he will not reincarnate human souls to animals (such as cats).

John Ramirez prayed to the devils and offered animal sacrifices in return for favors.

Trick or treat, like pagans giving gifts to the lord of the dead.

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Halloween gory costume
Children dressed in gory blood and death. A Halloween competition in the Philippines. Parents think it’s fun and unknowingly dedicate their kids to the Celtic god of death. Now, imagine if this gory detail turned real.

→ Demonic message of creepypasta & Suicide Mickey video.

What should you do if you practiced Halloween in the past?

Saint Paul warns us not to partner or participate with unbelievers, more so demonic elements, and have fellowship with darkness (2 Corinthians 6:14). Those deeply engaged in Halloween must renounce it through spiritual deliverance.

1. Declare your faith in Jesus audibly.
2. Declare the authority of Jesus in you, your family, and your home.
3. Declare you are free and cut the cord that connected you to this demonic ritual.
4. Declare that Jesus’s blood cleanses you from unrighteousness.
5. Declare that you are already forgiven in Christ.
6. Declare that you are free from all forms of condemnation.
7. Warn those who observe the Halloween tradition.

1 John 4:4
You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

The seven promises of Jesus to true believers.
Testimony of John Ramirez, Satan’s child?
Ghosts are real, but they’re not dead loved ones.

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  1. No Christian should have anything to do with Halloween. It is not innocent. It is taken seriously by those who worship Satan
    Harvest parties are still dedicated to this evil holiday. The day needs to be ignored completely.
    The Bible warns about participating in the heathen traditions. We should listen to YHWH’s warning.

  2. The God of the Bible is sovereign, and no Halloween witches or warlocks can do any real damage to those who belong to Christ. People really need to be more discerning and realize that John Ramirez literally makes things up, and his views are not always Biblical. Many people don’t even realize that the very name “Halloween” has Christian origin. So people really need to do the credible research to understand the truth, and let God use us on Halloween like any other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgrC-zfZCiY&ab_channel=CRoadwarrior


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