John Ramirez Testimony, Warlock Turns to Christ

He had super-human powers from someone you wouldn't want to meet

John Ramirez, dedicated to the devil at a young age, asked Satan to be his father

John Ramirez came from a family of witches in New York City. “When I was very young, I saw my Dad worship the devil. The devil came into that room, and my father spoke in demonic tongues from seven at night until five in the morning,” John said.

Becoming the devil’s child

Ramirez had an abusive and alcoholic father. Unhappy, he prayed to the devil to have a different dad. Satan answered him, and at 33 years old, his dad was shot in a nightclub.

The devil took him out and told John, “I replaced the old to keep the new, and the devil became my dad.” You have to earn your right to talk to the devil.

santeria religion catholic christians
Youth are particularly attracted to Santeria for their cool edginess. It is very spiritual and highly religious, and the goals of those attracted to it are attaining wealth, health, and prosperity.

Witchcraft and magic is big business in America

Many people are drawn to practicing or getting witches’ services, thinking it can help make their lives better. In fact, a spike in Millenial witches is out in the open, selling or offering their services on social media. Satan no longer hides.

Santeria necklace sold at Etsy. At ten years old, Ramirez was dedicated to five demons represented by these beads.

John’s mother takes him to a tarot card reading

He was often sad, and her mother consulted a medium. She said the Santeria gods want John. He would go blind in 30 days unless they performed a ritual and offered him to them. They had to sell their furniture to pay the $250 fee for the ceremony.

They initiated John at ten years old to the dark side

It was his first encounter with a real devil who showed up and took the offering. In the ceremony, they bathed John with herbs while he was blindfolded. They called five main demonic deities as they chanted words he could not understand.

Five different necklace beads were placed on him, representing five demons of various principalities. These five spirits became the guides of Ramirez. His life changed. It felt as if someone covered him with a thick black blanket.


Trained by the devil to become a powerful warlock while witches mentor Ramirez at 13

Barely a teenager, he went to the Satanic church filled with devil worshipers. Witches and warlocks taught John dark spells and magic from 7 pm to 5 am. He was taught details about who owned certain regions and who ran a principality.

Astral projection

At 13, he was doing “astral projection.” His spirit would travel and would throw curses in certain areas. Ramirez called down the spirit of prostitution, homosexuality, murder, and suicide. He was trained to channel these spirits into neighborhoods.

He can also cast spells for abortion, cancer, leprosy, and suicidal thoughts. His easy victims would be atheists because they do not seek God.


John Ramirez is in a store where they sell occult materials for voodoo and witchcraft. He explains that an image identifies with a particular demonic spirit. The demonic entity operates through the statues with names and birthdays to celebrate them.

The biggest devil-worshiper in New York

When he turned 15, he became daring and went to the hospital ICU and rooms, invoking death unto patients. He did all these to be promoted and become the biggest devil worshipper in New York City.

He also went to clubs and recruited people to witcraft. He lured them by telling them about their past, what they did, and what would happen to them. The Devils coached him.

The Devil teaches John Ramirez magic

One day, John was watching the Jerry Springer show. Suddenly, he heard a voice that said, “Son, I am coming soon. What are you going to do with your life?”

Since then, a devil in human form would come regularly and keep him company all night. The demon sat across, teaching John black magic arts.

Warlocks worldwide celebrate Halloween by conjuring satanic attacks and curses to the community they are assigned to recruit souls.

He possessed powers from the devil

When John completed his lesson, he possessed powers. People respected him and were afraid of him at the same time. John Ramirez had authority and could do whatever he wanted. Satan became the father he never had.

Ramirez often talked to Satan. He calls him My father,” and the devil answers, “What would you like to speak to me about? What is it that you want me to do?”

Ramirez got married on Halloween

Later, John Ramirez married a witch. Although he sent invitations, no one came to his wedding because people feared him. Demons came from different places and principalities.

An abandoned apartment neighborhood in New York, where Ramirez lived with his family when he was young. Satan has several strongholds in the city.

Demons are well organized and control New York neighborhood

The demonic hierarchy is well organized. They control many places in New York. Ramirez’s vast network of demon-worshipers, doctors, lawyers, school principals, judges, cops, and even singers—practicing witchcraft.

Demons led him to places where he needed to place curses to thwart people from hearing God’s words and be saved. He admits that in certain areas where Christians are, he could not penetrate it because of their prayers.

As part of Ramirez’s ritual, he was told by the demon to make a human sacrifice. He had a cauldron with nine machetes at his apartment. He also drank animal blood each week. If there were none, he’d bleed himself and drink his blood.

He’d bleed himself and drink his own blood.

Ramirez’s New York neighborhood is just one of the many principalities demons operate through humans who practice witchcraft, devil-worship, and African religions such as voodoo magic.


Casting a spell on a Christian believer

A woman asked John to put a spell on another woman her husband was allegedly cheating with. The price was $10,000. Ramirez consulted with his “dad,” the devil, and told him to buy 21 black candles and put a photo of the woman in a box. In 21 days, she will die.

Just before the woman left, she said, “This woman is a Christian.” When John heard it, he said, “I’d do it for free!” He hated Christians so much and sought to destroy them.

In 21 days, she will die.

Months later, nothing happened to the Christian woman. Ramirez became worried about his reputation and consulted demons.

The devils showed up and said, “We have to abort the plan… don’t touch her.” We are no match for the God the woman serves.

Ramirez points to a drawing of the demon controlling Haiti and a statue representing the Jezebel spirit. This famous store in demon-infested New York City, where crime surges, is where you can buy materials for casting spells of death, love, or fortune.


The conversion of John Ramirez

John was invited to attend a Christian church by a girl he liked. He went several times to please her. Unknown to him, God started moving in his life.

Attending a Christian service

During a Sunday service, the pastor gave an altar call. Ramirez decided to go forward and wanted to commit himself to the one true God. He was not prepared for what happened next.

He thought the devil couldn’t get to him. After all, he was inside a church, a protected sanctuary. Suddenly, a demon grabbed John and threw him into the air. “I came for you,” the devil said.

Spiritual warfare inside the church

All the big men in the church tried to seize Ramirez, but demons threw people around like ragdolls. The congregations joined in prayer. About two hundred people got up and raised their hands to pray.

John knew that these demons could have killed them in a heartbeat, but he saw the power of God inside the church.

Say Jesus is LORD!

One of the men kept saying to John, “Say Jesus is Lord, say Jesus is Lord! Say it, say it!” John eventually opened his mouth and said, “Jesus is Lord.” Everything stopped, and the devil left.

Everything stopped, and the devil left.

John Ramirez explains how organized and powerful demons are, but if someone is a true believer in Christ, they cannot do anything. He was dedicated to Satan at a young age. As a teenager, he was trained to become a powerful warlock operating in parts of New York City.


Surrendering his life to Jesus

It was not easy. John felt torn between two worlds. He said, “Lord Jesus can’t have me; the devil can’t have me; the best way out is suicide.” John felt ashamed, confused, and tired.

John did not know how to pray, so he began to talk to God instead. He remembers his prayers like this…

I don’t know what they call You, Jesus, whatever they call You in church, I don’t like You. I never liked You. I never had anything to do with You. I want no dealings with You. I hate You. I don’t want to be part of You.

I never wanted to be a Christian. I disown You if that’s going to get You away from me. I will worship the devil until the day I die. But if you are bigger than the ‘god’ I serve, show me tonight or leave me alone.

John Ramirez’s dream

Afterward, John slept and dreamt he was on a subway. The train filled with people with their faces drained. He knew they were going to a terrible place.

The train began to move faster than the speed of light, and a lady dressed elegantly started talking to Ramirez in demonic tongues.

Ramirez knew what the Lady was saying, “Traitor! you are leaving us.” John decided to step out of the subway but went into darkness.

I went to the tunnels of hell. The heat grips you, and the fear ropes around you. There’s no hope. The hope removed,” he said.

John reached a part of the tunnel where he saw the devil who trained him. The devil became huge and said…

I’ve been with you since you were nine years old. I’ve been a father to you. I have given you everything. I’m going to keep you here; if I can, you won’t wake up upstairs. You belong to me. You’re not going to leave. You know too many secrets of my religion.

The Cross of Christ

Just when John’s father, the devil, was about to grab him, a three-foot cross appeared in John’s hands. He couldn’t understand how a cross suddenly appeared in his hand; he never asked for it.

Ramirez placed the cross on the devil, and immediately, the devil lost its powers. It became like a helpless baby. The devil had no control over the cross of Christ.

When John woke up, he realized Jesus was indeed LORD. He was a changed man. He knelt and prayed, and John gave his life to Jesus that day.

On a piece of paper, he wrote, “I’m a servant, a slave of Jesus Christ. I will serve you all the days of my life,” but the demons retaliated.

John threw out all of his witchcraft paraphernalia, but the battle was not over. He was under spiritual attack each night.

As John lay asleep, he’d feel someone’s hands grabbing his throat and trying to throw him off the bed. It was as if someone was ripping his soul away from his body.

At times, the demon would grab Ramirez by his feet. The bed shook and levitated towards the ceiling. John could not breathe or speak. He felt someone choking him.

He tried to speak the name of Jesus, but he had difficulty. When he could say, “Jesus, help me, save me,” the demons would leave.

Jesus, help me, save me!

Why God?

John did not understand why God permitted the nightly struggles. He asked the Lord, “Why did you allow this to happen to me? Why this torment? Why did you allow these people to abuse me this way? I gave my life to You. I Told You I would serve you.”

God answered him, saying, “I wanted to know how much you loved me; how much you trust Me.” Since then, the devils have never ever shown up in John’s house.

John Ramirez, from a warlock to becoming God’s child

I’ve been victorious in Christ; I’ve got peace,” he said. His emptiness was filled with trusting Jesus. He became a child of God because of Christ. Today, Ramirez is an evangelist for the Kingdom of Light, no longer an evangelist for the dark side.

You can watch John Ramirez’s full testimony here and why he said Christians should not participate in Halloween.

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  1. Talo pa pala ng mga satanist and mga Kristyano, na anak ng Diyos. Nakakahiyang isipin na mas babad pa sila at committed kaysa sa mga Kristyano. Mga Pastor, Worship Leaders, Mga Elders, Mga Youth at Mga anak ng Diyos. Kung minsan sa buhay niyo gusto niyo ng sumuko at tuwing devotion antok na antok kayo lagi niyong alalahin na pati ang mga demonyo ay nag dadasal sa diyos nila

  2. great testimony. everyone should see this. I would love for my family to see this. only one slight problem music is too loud. sometimes difficult to hear him speak

  3. John, why aren’t you teaching spiritual warfare. how to pray? I know you know how, I’ve seen you pray over many prayers. I don’t understand. just giving your testimony isn’t enough. i went to a church in idaho that only taught spiritual warfare. the devil is teaching his followers daily on how to destroy. and you have the tools to help combat him. please teach how to pray against him.


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