John15 Rocks Ministry Awarded for its Public Service to student school youth programs

John15.Rocks Center, a non-denominational school youth ministry composed of Christian volunteers from different churches was recognized by a public service show. Gabay at Aksyon, a TV and radio service and public affairs program awarded a “Sertipiko ng Pagkilala” (Certificate of Recognition), for its advocacy and selfless public service support of young students in the Philippines.

The event coincided with the 20th anniversary of Gabay at Akson, currently chaired by Rose Lamagna. It was held at the Sofitel Hotel, Pasay City on October 18, 2019, with guest speaker DILG Usec. Martin Dino. The night was gracefully attended by other LGU and NGO personalities.

Guest of honors with “Tita Rose” Lamagna toasts for Gabay at Aksyon’s success for more years to come.

Major Awards of Excellence were given to the nation’s hardworking servants, Mayor Imelda Rubiano, Congressman Tony Calixto, Congressman Danilo Fernandez, Congressman Luis Ferrer for their outstanding public service.

20th Anniversary of Gabay at Aksyon at Sofitel Hotel, Pasay City, October 18, 2019.
John15.Rocks Center Ministry booth, with campus youth volunteers – Couples John Mark and Nadine De Guzman, Leslie Sabino, and Professor Jon-Jon Solangon with his lovely wife Abigail.

Gabay at Aksyon TV & Radio Show

Gabay at Aksyon, Talking Heads program can be seen at GMA News on Tuesdays at 12 midnight, Net 25 on Sundays at 10 am, and IBC 13 at 9 pm. Its radio program airs on Channel 11 with “Live on-air” every Tuesday and Thursday at DWBL Channel 1242 KHZ AM Band station, at 9:30 am.


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