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John15.Rocks is a network of Christ Believers and Followers. Join us if you have the burden to help others through social media and online tools.


1. Write an article

Write faith-based articles that communicate your thoughts and experiences on how to become a better Christian. You can register as a contributor or guest blogger.



2. Add a Christian ministry

If you are involved in a Christian ministry either as head or as member, let others know what you are doing and how they can contact you. We will provide the avenue where people can help or be helped through our listing of ministry services.

Please send us an email and submit the following details:

1. Name of church or ministry
2. Short description (if ministry)
3. Address
4. Denomination
5. Contact number(s)
6. Email / Website address
7. Contact person
8. Worship schedule (if church)
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4. Counselors

If you have the heart for helping others by listening to them, join our Counseling Referral Program (CRP). We can list you in our pool of counselors or connect you in private to someone in need of counseling either through chat, text, or email.

What we need from you:
1. Must have an active Facebook account and connected to our FB account.
2. Recommendation from a Pastor to be confirmed by phone.
3. Recommendation from a member who we can chat through Facebook.

Please send us an email and include the following details:
1. Name
2. Mobile number
3. Short testimony

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5. Accountability partners

You can volunteer to be connected online with a female to female or male to male peer for accountability purposes. We will provide a personal email for you.


6. Drugs & HIV/AIDS life coach

Register as an online life coach or join our partner ministries (Healing Grace and Project Noah) that minister to former drug dependents and recovering HIV/AIDS patients.


7. Sponsor a Pastor or mobilization of school volunteers

You can also help in goods or financial support. Please go to our “Donate” page for more information.

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christian counseling philippines



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