Jordan Peterson debunks male-dominated patriarchy

Jordan Peterson debunks the myth of male-dominated patriarchy

Let liberals allege that patriarchy is the underlying cause of the current state of male domination, where men hold exclusive decision-making power in their families and communities, and occupy all positions of authority and influence.

But for psychologist professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, patriarchy is a myth perpetuated by the “progressive left” at war with conservative values.

Patriarchy in the Bible

Clearly, redefining patriarchy today through the lens of left-liberals is rooted in demonic ideology. In the Bible, the patriarch is a deeply held tradition that God instituted not to abuse others but to protect and uphold a weaker person.

God created man first in Eden and then created woman as his helper. The Bible instructs women to submit to their husbands but not to dominate others by taking on abusive leadership roles.

Men are also tasked to love, respect, and protect their wives, but not everyone does so, which should not invalidate patriarchy in the Bible. Ultimately, the neo-feminist movement’s fight against patriarchy is a mockery of God’s design and an attack on men


The myth of the gender pay gap

In the myth of male-dominated patriarchy, men are viewed as superior to women in all aspects. As a result, it is alleged that the domination has resulted in a “gender pay gap” and unfair treatment of women in the corporate world—which is not truthful, explains psychologist Jordan Peterson.

He argued that the gender pay gap is not solely due to discrimination but is also influenced by various factors such as personal choices, job preferences, and the hours worked.

On average, men may be more likely to pursue higher-paying careers and work longer hours, whereas women may prioritize family and work-life balance.


Men and women have distinct skill sets

One of Jordan Peterson’s clinical specialties is his domain expertise on personality traits, and he knows the literature behind it all too well. He debunks the gender myth using literature backed by at least three decades of research.

Men are more likely to hold positions of power in government and business. However, this doesn’t mean that men dominate society as a whole,” according to Peterson.

Looking at the woes of women, “Most rape victims are women, but that doesn’t provide any evidence for the existence of a male-dominated patriarchy. It just means terrible things happen because terrible things happen to both genders,” said Peterson.

Men are interested in things

The differences between men and women are rooted in their DNA. For example, “On average: Men are more interested in things. Women are more interested in people. This is the most significant difference we know of, psychologically, between men and women,” he said in the Sklavan show.


It’s the men who are called to war

A classic example is warriors. When a society needs to go to war, the men are called, not women. It doesn’t mean men are inherently more violent or dominant than women.

Men have traditionally worked in hazardous jobs, such as coal mining, construction, and infrastructure, including building homes and railroads—not women.

Women do not pursue these jobs

Electricians or plumbers are usually men. This doesn’t mean that they are dominating the electrical or plumbing industry. Instead, it reflects that women may be less likely to pursue careers in specific fields, and men may be more likely to have particular skill sets.

It’s the same reason men dominate engineers, while if you become a nurse, you are more interested in people than things.

Men face more challenges

Peterson further shows that men face unique challenges and vulnerability, not women. For instance, most homeless individuals and victims of violent crimes are men, predominantly men who die by suicide.

But this doesn’t mean that men are dominating society. Instead, it reflects that men often face unique challenges and vulnerabilities, particularly the pressure of being a man tasked to protect his family.


So why do some people insist that men dominate Western society?

One explanation is that they are focusing on a tiny subset of hyper-successful men, such as CEOs and politicians, and using them to represent all men.

This flawed approach must include the vast diversity of experiences and perspectives among men.

Another explanation is that they are simply seeing what they want to see.

If you believe that men dominate society, you will interpret every statistic and situation as evidence of male dominance, even if there are other explanations. “This is not to say that Western society is perfect or free from tyrannical elements,” Jordan quipped.

There are certainly areas where improvements can be made, such as in the representation of women in leadership roles and the treatment of sexual assault victims.

However, having a nuanced and accurate understanding of the issues is essential. Focusing solely on male dominance overlooks the unique challenges that men and women face and can lead to misguided solutions that do not address the root causes of social inequality.

In short, while men may hold certain advantages in society, the idea of male-dominated patriarchy is a myth that does not reflect the complex reality of Western civilization.

Patriarchy in the Bible

While abusive patriarchy was rampant, especially in the earlier centuries, it does not reflect the end goal of patriarchy in the Bible.

The mandate for men to be the authority is rooted in the scriptures. But the father is also held accountable for the welfare of his wife and children. To protect them at all costs.

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