Kalayaan National High School Bible Month Quiz Bee

Kalayaan National High School (KNHS) hosted the J15 Club Quiz Bee, coinciding with the National Bible Month

Kalayaan National High School (KNHS) John 15 Rocks held its inaugural Quiz Bee that coincides with the annual National Bible Month for January 2024.

The event kicked off with music from the J15 band and was highlighted by a special guest speaker, Ms. Jessa Catle, and attended by a class full of students.

The participants were split into seven groups, each comprising three members. The competition comprised three rounds: Easy, Average, and Difficult. The Old Testament posed some of the toughest questions, presenting a challenge for everyone, including the audience.

The winners!

In a dawn spectacle, KNHS John 15 Rocks dazzled as they held their much-anticipated awarding ceremony for the Bible Month Quiz Bee. The event, hosted at the campus quadrangle, kicked off sharply at 6:50 AM.

Club advisor Professor Solangon opened the ceremony with club President Lian Delos Reyes and Dr. Cynthia D. Abella, assistant principal, who added gravitas to the event.

CHAMPION (Group 3)
1. Dumalagan, Christian
2. Gomez, John Carlo
3. Ibarrientos, Jolo

FIRST PLACE (Groups 2 & 5)

Galve, Edrian
Justiniano, Kyan Russell James
Llaneta, Jackelyn Diane
Abecia, Ram James
Abecia, Raymond
Belmes, Ryu Ken

Remegio, Lovely
Soriano, Nowela
Valiente, Rio

Lesanque, Jericho
Limbaroc, Alexis
Mungcal, Maie

Kalayaan National High School (KNHS) Bible Quiz last January 29, 2024, with guest speaker Jessa Catle.
Kalayaan National High School (KNHS) in Pasay awarding ceremony last February 7, 2024.
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