Kuki Christian woman Donii Hangzo killed by Meitei

Beloved by Kuki Christians, “wandering crazy woman” Donii Hangzo was killed by Meitei individuals for being a nuisance

Nu Donngaihching Hangzo, aka Donii, was born in Mualveng, Hiangtam Lamka, and was the fifth child of affluent parents. She developed Schizophrenia when she was 11 and eventually wandered the streets of Imphal and Lamka, unable to live with her family for safety reasons.

To sustain herself, Donii took on odd jobs and remained homeless due to her inability to conform to societal norms until the EBC church in Lamphel constructed a shelter for her. Finally, she had a place she called home and people who loved her.

Loved by the Christian Kukis, murdered by militant Meitei individuals

The Kuki woman went to Don Bosco in Phailian and was known for her wit, intelligence, and elephantine memory. She is also fluent in Meiteilon, Paite, Thadou, Hmar, Mizo, Hindi, and English and is known in the area.

Her neighborhood was aware of her mental illness, and she received support and assistance from compassionate neighbors, including the Meiteis and other Christians.

Before May 4, 2023, she was receiving treatment for Schizophrenia in Imphal. During the recent full moon in July, she experienced a manic episode, causing her to lose touch with reality. Unaware of her circumstances, she continued visiting her uncle’s house in Paite Veng, Imphal.

On July 6, 2023, news spread that an armed group outside Shishu Nishtha Niketan School in Imphal West shot Donii. She was 62 years old.

Relatives found out after Meitei propaganda in social media labeled her a ‘suicide bomber,’ clearly to justify their merciless killing of innocent Kukis.

Meitei propaganda insists that the Kuki woman shot outside the Shishu Nishtha Niketan School was a suicide bomber. The testimony of those who know her says otherwise.

God will vindicate His people.

Pastor Chongloi of Restoration Theological College said she was known to be kind and was always in funerals to do what she could.

She may be a “crazy wanderer,” but to circulate propaganda calling her a ‘suicide bomber’ to justify her murder does not only add insult to injury but clearly exposes the heartless militant Meiteis Valley people who committed acts of genocide against our tribe.

Christian persecution is rampant in India, just as Jesus said that will happen towards His second return. “Be still; God will vindicate us,” he said.

Another innocent victim of militant Meitei individuals—Nu Donngaihching Hangzo (Donii). She was a wandering “crazy woman” with a big heart but falsely labeled by Meitei propaganda as a suicide bomber to justify her murder.


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