Left-Democrats omits “One nation under God”

Liberal Democrats in USA deleting God from congressional proceedings

During a congressional hearing, a debate erupted between Liberal Democrats Chairman Cohen and a Conservative Republican Congressman Mike Johnson. Immediately after an oath-taking, Mr. Johnson said we left out the phrase, “So help me God.”

Chairman Cohen said, yes, we did, and when Mr. Johnson demanded to redo the oath, the Liberal Left-Democrats refused. Mr. Johnson reminded everyone that this had been a 200-years tradition.

US Representative Jerrold Nadler, who the host referred to as the face of “resident evil” rebuked the conservative congressman.

→ “Praying in Jesus name” questioned if constitutional.

Liberal Democrats at war with the Bible

The ‘Declaration of Independence’ is rooted in Judeo-Christianity. A tradition far-left and radical Democrats want to remove because many of them are atheists.

In early 2019, the Democrat-controlled House Natural Resources Committee produced a draft rules document that removed “So help you God” from oaths required of witnesses before the committee.

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