Jackie Perry, Gay Girl, Good God

When Jackie Hill Perry didn’t want to be straight

Rapper Jacky Hill Perry wants to love and be loved. Like others, what you do or like often defines your identity. “I liked girls.…, but I don’t want to be straight,” she said. She grew up fatherless, and homosexuality was every bit of her. She had no intention of changing it.

The verse Romans 1:26 convicted her. But to say that her sexuality is unnatural and abominable was unwelcomed. How can it be a sin if you love someone? However, she had the unsettling thought that “sin disobedience” would be the death of her.

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The identity you choose defines you

At age 5, she knew she was attracted to same-sex. “I liked girls, and I knew it.” She labeled herself as a lesbian at 17 years old, and she was okay with gender typing until she met Jesus. “There is the reality of same-sex attraction… but there is also the other reality that God is real, and that His word is actual, and it is to be believed, and when you believe, things change,” Jackie said in this video.

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When you believe, things change

I love my Girlfriend, but God loved her more

There was no way in Jackie’s mind that she’d give up the love of her life. They were neat about everything. “Why would I do anything else,” she said. They genuinely love each other, but God loved her more.

God’s offer of love transcends human understanding, and if we’re willing to accept, it meant dying to oneself. (Galatians 2:20)

Jackie decided to let go of the things she thought she understood. She allowed God’s word to permeate the dark corners of her life. She took the other pill and saw the truth, and it was deadly (Romans 6:23).

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The word “homosexual” is not in the Bible. Sexual sin is defined as “natural” or “unnatural.” Likewise, “homosexual” is an adjective, not a verb. Moreso, “temptation” is not sinful until it gives birth to “sin.” Jesus was tempted, yet did not sin. We are all sinners but also the bearer of God’s image. By His grace, we are free from condemnation and can overcome sin through the power of Jesus by believing, not on our own.

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Taking on a new identity

After Jackie gave her life to Christ, she called her girlfriend and said “I just . . . gotta live for God now,” with a tear-broken voice. Her old-self died that day and taken up a new identity. Ten years later, she is not only happy but joyful for the identity she has chosen.

Jackie Hill Perry shares her testimony in the book “Gay Girl, Good God.” She offers practical tools that helped her in finding wholeness. People can change and her transition to heterosexuality is among the changes God worked in her life.

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