Dr. Richard Ing, Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Richard Ing, author of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ and founder of Light of the World Mission

Richard Ing is the founder of the Light of the World Missions. He is the author of the best-selling book – Spiritual Warfare, first published in 1996.

In 1985, Richard Ing received an open vision from God and saw himself standing behind a podium. He was teaching an army of soldiers in combat uniforms. Then he heard a voice that said, “Son, I want you to teach my army!”

Civil Engineer and lawyer called to be a minister

Before graduating from Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, he was a civil engineer and retired from law practice after four decades.

Dr. Richard Ing holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and is vice president of New Covenant International Seminary and Bible College in Hawaii.


richard ing
Pastor Ing has given seminars on demonic warfare, deliverance, and inner healing multiple times in diverse areas. (Photo via Facebook)

62 Mission trips across the world

When I first became born-again, I decided to pursue God and go all the way. He read the entire Bible in two weeks, became an elder in eight months, an ordained minister in three and one-half years, and the worldwide Bible College’s vice-president for almost 35 years.

Pastor Ing completed 62 mission trips with my wife worldwide and helped establish several churches. He Learned to sleep on the ground and in jungles, travel to remote islands and far away places, sneak into Communist China and catch a fishing boat to reach small islands in the South Pacific.


Light of the World Missions in Davao in 2019. (Photo via Philip Asuncion Facebook). People said they saw angels and white horses in some of his meetings. Perhaps, God is raising an army of overcomers towards the end times.

Light of the World Mission House

He ministered to people from Fiji and Vanuatu. Some of them dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel. They gave up their businesses and professions in exchange for the mission field.

Richard Ing did this for twenty years after coming to Christ at forty-six years old. He had four young children then, practiced law, and did four other businesses that didn’t make much money. But God provided.

Mission field in the Philippines

Today, he’s been married for more than forty years. All his grown children live in Hawaii, where he was born. He also heads a Bible college, mission house, and vocational training center in the Philippines.

He has lectured on spiritual warfare and healing in Fiji, Vanuatu, India, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sarawak, Switzerland, Bulgaria, the Philippines, and the US mainland.

A difficult calling that takes spiritual discipline

Pastor Ing has been criticized for certain beliefs and methods. Nonetheless, what is clear is that God has used him to bring many people to Christ and set captives free from the lies of Satan.

For God to use us, we have to share in the suffering of Christ (1 Peter 4:13). To experience intimacy with Jesus, Pastor Ing said we need to make up our minds and pay the price. (Mark 8:34)

“I spent months praying for an hour in the early morning. I attended every church meeting and service, participated in all church events I was invited to, went to all church camps, participated in every fast once a week and three-day fast once a month, constantly read the Bible, and began teaching Bible.

I spent every night at church meetings for over 11 months, every single night. Then things started to happen. The Lord began to speak to me in a voice, and miracles took place,” he said.


spiritual deliverance Philippines
Philip Asuncion in LOWMH, Davao City, continuing the deliverance ministry in the Philippines.


Spiritual Deliverance Training – Philippines

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