Christian organizations helping the needy

List of Christian-based Organizations that help the poor, underprivilege, imprisoned, sick, orphans, widows, and abused

Action International Ministries

Bright Lights Learning Center (BLLC)

Bugkalot Bible Christian Fellowship of the Philippines (BBCF)

Charis Harvest Baptist Church (Charis HBC)

Children’s Garden of the Philippines (CGP)

CARE (Christian Action for Reconciliation & Evangelism) Philippines

CARE Philippines Education Center

Christian Partnership for the Confined Ministry (CPCM)

Community of Praise Worldwide Ministries (Compraise)

Companion with the Poor (CWTP)

Concordia Children’s Services (CCS)

Creative Prime Movers for Transformation (CPMT)

Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation (DEAF)

UCCP Evangelical Church of Muntinlupa (ECM)

Food for the Hungry Philippines (FHP)

Green Earth Heritage Foundation

Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP)

HELPERS of the Immanuel Foundation

Integrated Habitat Organizations

Immanuel Bible School (IBS)

International Care Ministries Foundation (ICM)

Kalayag Child Care & Youth Community Center

Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry (KSEM)

Medical Ambassadors Philippines (MAP)

Mission to the World Philippines Foundation

Precious Jewels Ministry (PJM)

Resources for the Blind (RBI)

Samaritana Transformation Ministries

700 Club Asia (Counseling)

Summer Institute of Linguistics Philippines – Seagull Project (SILP)

Sumulong Baptist Church – El Dorado (SBCE)

Tacloban Ministry

Tebow Cure Hospital (CURE Philippines)

Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP)

Values Orientation in Classroom and Community Education (VOICE)

Youth with a Mission – Balut Project

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      • i thank GOD for you .how can i be linked to you .am an anglican pastor in uganda masindi neibouring refugues in masindi

      • am an ambassador of Christ,leading a flock of 35 people,15 are women and 10 are children and 10 are men.we started a project to empower these women of gardening.we bought land and we sank a borehole but we now run out of funds.

        we request for your assistance.
        misheck mwale
        founder of heaven’s embassy.

      • I wish to join your organization, how can my organization be a part of your organization?

      • Hello sir how are you doing. I’m perkash from Pakistan. We have need your help. We have foundation school. I’m helping my poor children’s food education & books. We want to increase the work of God with you spot

  1. i am Babu working as a pastor at Gudivada ,Andhra Pradesh, India. we are having children ministry, youth ministry. we are doing ministry among poor needy people. children are not having proper food and clothes. please pray for these people and our ministry.

  2. hello,my name is pastor shabbir masih I am from Pakistan,I am preaching over there in villages in Pakistan, there is people are so poor they can’t send his children to school because they can’t afford it,yet I started church and school there for poor and orphans children’s please help me for this good cause check my work on Facebook just type elijah healing ministry, thank you GOD bless you, regarding pastor shabbir masih

  3. Hello my name is ch Babu Jesus Vidya Sagar l amfrom India l am preaching over there in my villege in India there is people are so poor l started church please help me my church member s thank you God bless you yours faithfully brother ch b j Vidya Sagar

  4. I am a Pastor based in the Kingdom of Eswatini in the Southern Africa. I am preaching in the remote areas where people are faced with lot of challenges. Most of them are orphans, widows and old aged people. We need your prayers very much and help us in any way you can in order for us to spread the love of God to the people.
    The people are so much in need such that some go days without food or means of taking them to hospital. May God bless you and link me with you.

  5. greeting you in the name of our lord and Savior Jesus .I am a pastor from Punjab doing ministry as a missionary in independent

  6. Keep up the good work and remember, don’t just give but #Love as you give because what you are doing is not in vain for the word of God said in the book of Proverbs 19:17 ]He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. God loves you.

  7. Dearly Beloved in Christ, Loving greetings in the Name of our dear Lord and soon coming King Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be unto you by God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ! 
     Please help our mission to serve the persecuted Christian in Pakistan and if possible please allow us to translate your website/material into Urdu and Punjabi language.   
    I am writing to you about my deep needs. Beloved, do not forget that the Most High God is deeply concerned with mercy about my
    present situations, myriad worries, and burdens due to confusion, agonies and pandemics abounding on all sides. Beloved, know that the
    Lord God who is full of goodness will surely wipe away my tears and cause me to know His manifold goodness. Therefore, cling on to the Lord Jesus Christ firmly and rely upon Him alone. I am a 21 year old, Christian by faith, male from Pakistan. My name is Nabeel Salateen and I was born in Christian family.I have visited your website and it makes me cheer and I would like to contact you about my children ministry in pakistan. I am serving Pakistani Christian community and children to raise them from poverty, make them good chrisitan leaders, who share the word of God in Pakistan.Once, the Lord Jesus while departing from the region of Tyre and Sidon, came through the midst of the region of Decapolis. There they brought to Him one who was deaf and had an impediment in his speech. They begged Him to put His hand on him. Lord Jesus put His fingers in his ears, spat on him, and touched his tongue. Then, looking up to heaven, He sighed, and said to him, Ephphatha.  Immediately his ears opened, and the impediment of his tongue loosened, and he spoke plainly (Mk 7:31-35). Likewise, the Lord God will take away your struggles and sorrows. In all situations, He will hold your hand and graciously lead you on. Do not worry.  God Bless and be with you and your family.
    May His Grace, Peace, Joy and Love with you and your family. Be of good cheer. Expect with hope, the blessings of the Lord’s goodness that God is going to do for you.Blessings,In Christ’s Love,Nabeel Salateen

  8. Dear Brethren:
    We greet you in Jesus name for the first time.we are mercy christian foundation (MCF),Inc a christian volunteer organization that is working with less fortunate,war affected youth, under privilege and orphans that is also running a free educational program in the slum community of west point,monrovia,liberia.we need a sponsorship and assistance from you for these little kids.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Bro.Francis L.Roberts iv
    Executive Director

  9. Dear Brethren:
    We bring you and your family greetings in Jesus mighty name.we are the mercy Christian foundation, a Christian volunteer organization that is working with less fortunate children and orphans,and is also running a free educational programme in the slum community of West point for children whose parents’ cannot afford the high cost of tuition / school fees for their children to attend formal school.By the grace of God we have been running this free school programme for the pass three years with the help of some concerned humanitarians who have contributed financially to support our vision for the education development of the under privilege kids of our community (township of West point).So we deem it necessary to acknowledge you on the education programme of the mercy Christian foundation,inc.for your acknowledgement.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Faithfully Yours,

    Bro.Francis L Roberts iv
    Executive Director

  10. Hello dear Coworkers
    I am Pastor Tadesse Fufa working on Evangelism and Church Planting among Gumuz, Oromo, Amahara, Shinasha and Agaw in North West part of Ethiopia in reaching the unreached people and also am leading Bible College which is very great tool and Center to produce Human resource for the Ministry. so I want you to work with me and my team to support students at Bible College and work of Evangelism in what ever you want to be partner
    Pastor Tadesse Fufa

  11. Subject : Request for financial aid for reconstruct our Prayer Hall, inside Churachandpur District Hospital Compound.
    Sir, We the All Christian Evangelical Prayer fellowship (Hospital Prayer Ministry ) works as a missionary team to viist Hospital patients with laying hand upon them and pray for them since 1980. And we are from the North East India. Now as we are working voluntarily without getting any single penny. Here what we wanted to request you is that If your church or Organisation can help us to the support the Hospital Prayer ministry with financial help and acknowledge us , we would be so much grateful upon you.
    Our Ministy work voluntarily as :
    1, Missionary to proclaim the word of God among unbelievers
    2. We Visit the Hospitals patients with prayer and gift, every- Sunday, Tuesday , Thursday, Saturday.
    3, Distributing a gift among the sick and patients which are collected from donation,
    4. Distributing Biblicaal tract and Gospel booklets among the sick and patients.
    5. To help the poor and needy form different contribution and donation.
    6. Giving Christmas and New year gift to all the hospitals patients.
    So, we therefore humbly pray to your Organisation or church that please support us and offer financial assistance and support our Hospital Prayer Ministry for the extension of God’s Kingdom
    For showing the fact, we are also sending you our All Christian Evangelical Prayer fellowship BROCHURE for your kind consideration.

    Your sincerely,
    On behalf of our Prayer Ministry

    ( Rev.Thangkhawdo ) ( Pastor Ngamjatong )
    Finance Secretary Chairman of the Ministry

    OUR Office ADDRESS:
    Chiengkonpang, Churachandpur
    Manipur – 795158, india
    Whatsapp No.. +918837419746
    Email :[email protected]

  12. Dear Sir,I am the president of the “Social Welfare Group”(SWG), our group has about 20 active members, the main goal of the group is participate in various social activities and to run awareness and campaigns on various social activities, as well as stand by helpless orphans during various emergencies. It is a completely non-profit and non-economic organization. To expedite our work, please send us a variety of leaflets, banners, books, magazines, calendars, etc. We hope to be able to expand our activities through your various support and cooperation.Thanks.
    Best regards,
    Md. Enamul Hossain          
    Paranpur (Mosjid Para), Darsana,
    Chuadanga-7221, Bangladesh.
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell Phone/Whatsapp: +8801916685985

  13. Prise the lord,
    Above support I need ,
    I’m vinod kumar I’m a convert christian college day I’m accept the lord Jesus Christ , financial very very poor background I need who support for my financial.
    Not for me god blessed tweens boys resently I give to god ministry names Johnathan Edward and john mac Arthur.
    I need monthly expenses 5000 for my son’s milk only please any one support me please this is my emails [email protected] and cell number +91 8897157480/+91 9346054478
    What’s up available.

  14. Greeting you in the name of our name is Obadiah from Kenya and am preaching in my village,their are many poor people around my area..I want to start a church and spread the good news to the people..I will be glad for your assistance, God bless you….. My email please [email protected] cell number +2540743411496


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