Are You Lost In The World Like This?

A musical parody on how mobile phones can destroy society

The music video titled “Are You Lost In The World Like me” is a music video parody on how the misuse of the mobile phone can take over society. Although created by non-Christians, the message is relevant in understanding how Satan rules the world with materialism and narcissism.

Electronic gadget is good, but misuse leads to degradation of self-worth, friendship, and even family

The black and white video depicts how the world has become a narcissist. We give more importance to how we look. We’ve become addicted to social media and often forget the real world we live in.

Moby does not give a solution

“Are you lost in a world like me” music video was very well put together. However, Moby, who practices oriental meditation, does not offer a solution.

The Bible gives us hope in a world like this. Through faith in Jesus, we can overcome sin, depression, and worldliness

Soon, the world is coming to an end. As promised, a new heaven and earth shall be revealed. This new world is devoid of evil, sadness. We will live in eternity with God in our immortal bodies. Believe, receive, and have faith in Christ!

Romans 12:2
“… Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

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  1. “Are You Lost In the World Like me”
    madaming mga kabataan ang madaling mabulag sa mga bagay bagay sa pamamagitang ng mga uso, o ano pa man ito man ay kanilang naiitindhan o hindi maka in lang sa takbo ng mundo.

  2. yes ! this is true this is really really true..
    some people are falling this system. na kung saan madami na ang naapektuhan


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