MacArthur: What to do with a corrupt government

John MacArthur: Don't try to change a corrupt generation. Our role is to share the gospel in a sinful world.

John MacArthur: What should Christians do if we have a corrupt government and society?

Scriptures laid the requirements for a leader. But when the wicked rule, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2). If a ruler pays attention to lies—all his ministers become wicked (Proverbs 29 12). As Christians, we do not rally or protest against the government, but we wage war

We make a difference in society as Christ’s warriors by sharing the Gospel; because moral decay is not a government but a sin issue.

1. You cannot fix a corrupt generation

It’s an abomination for rulers to commit evil because the government was established on righteousness and justice (Proverbs 16 12). But if we have a bad government and a generation of corrupt leaders, it will take three or four generations with the best conditions to change that. “You’re not going to fix it,” John MacArthur said.

A corrupt generation gets embedded, and it takes age upon a generation to root it out. Therefore, don’t try to change it.

Don’t try; neither will your children, neither will your grandchildren, and probably neither will your great-grandchildren. This is your world, their world, the next world, and the next world, and the next one. And it may be the last one. Jesus may come, but you’re not going to change. So stop trying. Can’t change a politically, can’t change it financially,” he explained.

Don’t try to change it.


2. The root problem is not bad politics but sin

The root problem in the world today is not really about bad leaders being elected—but sin. It’s easy to blame the government or our parents for our misery. But children are not punished because of their parent’s sins (Ezekiel 18:20). In the same way, just because you have a bad government doesn’t mean you, too, will be punished.

You only are punished for your sin,” MacArthur said. The world will always be this way until Jesus returns to establish his righteous kingdom.


3. Our hope for a doomed nation is not politics

Inside the eye of a hurricane, there’s perfect peace and calm despite the storm, and Christians don’t just ride it out. Apostle Paul said there’s a wide-open door and many adversaries: So we go to battle, and to win, we proclaim the Gospel to a sinful world.

God equipped us, and we have great hope in winning every spiritual battle.

Rejection or belief

Two things are going to happen: Rejection and belief. But that’s all preordained for those that are going to come to Christ. Their names are already written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

We’re merely picking up the Harvest that the Lord has already determined. Christ wins, and we triumph in Him.


Hope for a Doomed World: John MacArthur said it’s not up to us to change the government; our role is to share the Gospel with a sinful world.


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