Disturbing Mainstream Media Bias

Mainstream media outlets criticized for promoting an anti-Christian and anti-conservative stance

In 1949, English author George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984). He wasn’t like Nostradamus or Mcmoneagle, but a novelist who wrote a dystopian fiction. How he described the draconian rule that’s suppose to happen in 1984, seem happening today.

In America, a new form of American authoritarianism is felt. Governors and Mayors can demand churches to stop worship while Christians are being forced to go against their faith by participating in anti-Biblical gender equality.

Today, we see the far-left media promoting a godless society while social media cancels conservative values.

Why am I an atheist?

1. CNN, Twitter, YouTube, Google

CNN earned the “Fake News” moniker because of its alleged political bias, often exposed by Fox News. Recently, conservative media PragerU accused Google and YouTube of manipulating algorithms in favor of an ultra-leftist ideology.

Mainstream media pushes for abortion, the dubious roots of racial equality, diversity, and feminist rights. Likewise, right-wing media exposed CNN for its bias.

Popular YouTube Channels

YouTube channel “How to cook that” exposed other channels like Yummy and 5-Minute Craft for hyping instructional videos that do not work. It appears that accuracy does not bother them for as long as they gain more subscribers.

Likewise, several YouTubers host left Buzzfeed for various reasons. With millions of subscribers and billion views, their influence is far-reaching. They might as well be part of the mainstream media accused of promoting a demonic far-left ideology.

Christian Moms Against Buzzfeed

For example, Buzzfeed, Now This (Group Nine Media), has newsworthy content. However, they also promote incubus (sex with demons), and witchcraft. Their content is highly sexual that encourage pop theology, a deceptive and anti-God new religion, “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.”

Group Nine Media heavily supports LGBTQ topics, pro-choice, and liberal-left (anti-conservative) politics reflexively. As a result, a small group of Christian moms campaigned against Buzzfeed at Change.org.

Twitter’s egregious censorship of conservatives

When President Trump twitted #ObamaGate in May 2020, it retweeted more than 300,000 times. Obama followers tweeted #TrumpGate in the hope to drown it. It was only retweeted by a few thousand.

What’s interesting is how Twitter results show that #TrumpGate was trending, and not #ObamaGate, with a 1/100 as many tweets. [JT Lewis]

Recently, conservative Senator Ted Cruz reams Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey by saying, “As you know, I have long been concerned about Twitter’s pattern of censoring and silencing individual Americans with whom Twitter disagrees.”

Most popular mainstream news media, criticized for their left-liberal bias:

AP Politics
BuzzFeed News
Daily Beast
Google & YouTube
New York Times
NPR News
The Guardian
The Washington Post
The New Yorker
Time Magazine
Yahoo News
Demonic influence of the ultra-left liberal ideology.

With several gay-themed films, Netflix has gone too far by promoting Jesus as homosexual queer.

2. Hollywood, Netflix, and TV

As we draw closer to end times, it makes sense for Satan to influence Holywood. In William Holmes‘ book “The Great Awakening,” he relates how Hollywood champions LGBTQ rights, witchcraft, immorality, and fornication.

In her Golden Globes acceptance speech, Michelle Williams expressed how her abortion paved the way for her success; the audience cheered! Likewise, we see the rise of Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, and Ellie Goulding, who embraced a demonic brand of music.

A Netflix series made fun of Jesus by portraying him gay. They produced twisted documentaries that can make you doubt the Bible’s authenticity. Recently, they had ‘Lucifer‘ and ‘Cuties‘ that showed sexualized tweens.

Meanwhile, in Denmark, the “Ultra Strip Down” TV show educates children about the body’s anatomy. Adult males and females strip down naked in front of them.

All these are rooted from the left-liberal ideology of “equality, diversity, and tolerance.”

→ Lessons from the ABSCBN shutdown.

Disney cartoon teaches kids how to be a witch, using a demon to do so.

3. Indoctrination through kid’s cartoons & schools

LGBTQ cartoon characters surged 600% beginning 2018. For the first time, same-sex marriage was featured in kids cartoon—Arthur’s. In a similar anti-Biblical pattern, Disney have cartoons that teaches kids how to be a witch.

Primary education

Schools and libraries endorsed the Drag Queen Story Hour. Trans people read gay books to children as part of diversity education while others taught them how to twerk. In 2022, another school in the USA welcomed the Satanic Temple’s “Satan After School Club.” This is how devil is influencing children.

If these kids reject Biblical morals, they will grow up in a free-thinking and godless society where Satan is worshiped.

Conservative media PragerU, exposes Google, YouTube, and Twitter bias.

Don’t just believe what you hear and see

The “ultra-left liberals” frowns at conservative values. They appear righteous in fighting “Climate change” and tell us that Greta Thunberg is a gift. Interestingly, leftists and witches hate leaders like Trump yet admire the Clintons and Obamas who support abortion and same-sex marriage.

Why you shouldn’t just believe MSM propaganda.
The “Blame Game” of Black Lives Matter.

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