The gates of hell did not prevail in the Catholic church


Matthew 16:18 commentary

The ‘gates of hell’ did not prevail. The true followers of Jesus reformed the Catholic church. The “Reformed Protestant tradition” continues today, faithful to the “apostolic teaching,” not man-made doctrines of the Pope.

…and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

Rome drifted away from apostolic teachings. They have turned the papacy as its supreme authority, not God’s Word—but the gates of hell did not prevail. Satan brought hell’s gate closer to the Catholic church, and many remain deceived.

The phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them” best applies to Satan’s strategy in luring people to his kingdom by introducing the ‘false gospel of Mary,’ worship of saints, indulgence, and papal infallibility.

Satan introduced pagan rituals in the guise of the rosary, saintly idols, and veneration of relics, and the papacy itself. These pagan traditions, in part, shaped Roman Catholicism as we know it today.

ROME drifted away from apostolic teachings.

Which is the true church of Jesus today?

The early popes forced its false doctrines—but it did not prevail among true believers

In 1571, Martin Luther’s thesis sparked the protestant reformation. God purged the church. The eyes of the King of England opened, and Protestantism returned the faithful back into apostolic preaching.

Protestantism RETURNED the FAITHFUL back into apostolic preaching.

Martin Luther at worms wanted to reform Roman Catholicism. They refused and excommunicated Luther that sparked the Protestant Reformation.

Why “protesters” left Catholic church.

The hope for Roman Catholicism

God can redeem the catholic church if it is will. The Vatican must repent and align its doctrines with true apostolic preaching. For example, it must remove all its pagan images and restore Jesus’ words as the supreme authority, not the papacy.

In 2019, Pope Francis calls the idea of Mary a co-mediatrix of Jesus is foolishness. “She never introduced herself as co-redemptrix. No. Disciple,” the Pope said.

However, Pope Francis still holds non-scriptural traditions, and his role in the ecumenicism of religions, leading to a one-world faith is disconcerting.

Six branches of Christianity today.

The “Reform tradition” continues today

God continues to purify His church

Today, hell breaks loose in churches deceived by “equality and diversity.” For example, LGBTQ pastors ordained; Beth Moore, Steven Furtick, and Joyce Meyers preaches humanist-Christianity.

Millions are drawn to Binny Hinn’s prosperity Gospel, and many fall for Joel Osteen’s moralistic deism and Hillsong’s pseudo-Christianity. But the true church of Jesus will continue to rise above deception. The “Reform tradition” continues today.

Vicar of Christ, Matthew 16 commentary.
The pagan origin of the papacy.
Rise of Catholicism.

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